Some Like It Hot (Many Others Don’t)

Most people love summer but for some it’s a season of hot, humid, sweaty discomfort especially in our well insulated UK homes that are not well equipped for keeping us cool in a heatwave. So, to celebrate ways to beat the heat, here are some very ‘cool’ songs:

Ice, Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

When the sun is beating down and there seems to be nowhere to escape to, you might find yourself sticking your feet in the freezer! If this proves too awkward, consider a refreshing ice lolly. Better still, get a bowl of ice to place in front of a fan for a chilled blast of deliciously cool air.

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Call Me The Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd

With the mercury rising, what you wouldn’t give for a cool, refreshing breeze through the trees. Don’t wait for the weather to accommodate you, consider the benefits of installing air conditioning in your home. This way you can have a cool place to retreat to whenever things get a little too warm. Find out about Air con Gloucester at a site like

I Go Swimming – Peter Gabriel

What better way to cool down in the heat of the summer sun than taking a dip in some refreshingly cold water? Whether you’re by the sea, relaxing next to the pool, taking a dip in a river or simply trying to hose yourself down with the garden sprinkler – a great way to keep cool is with water. Be sure to drink lots too!

Heatwave – Linda Ronstadt

With the UK set to get several degrees hotter in the future, we could be experiencing many more heatwaves than we are used to. What better time to invest in some air conditioning? It’s not just keeping cool that’s a consideration but also improving air flow and air quality inside your home. Air conditioners, when maintained well, can actually reduce mould and prevent allergies. The units absorb moisture thus preventing warm, damp areas that might be a breeding ground for bacteria and allergy-inducing mould spores.

Heat Of The Night – Aqua

One of the most uncomfortable things about summer is trying to get a good night’s sleep. Outside noise prevents you from keeping the window open and your fan just seems to be circulating warm air! This is why air conditioning can help you to sleep much better and more comfortably during those hot summer nights, lowering the air temperature in your bedroom to comfortable levels.

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Take The Heat Off Me – Boney M

This is the anguished cry of anyone who struggles to stay comfortable in the summer. For some who suffer with medical problems, the heat literally exacerbates their pain or discomfort. Another benefit of air con is that those who suffer more than most in the heat can enjoy some relief during the summer months.

Hot Gets A Little Cold – Cyndi Lauper

Say goodbye to living in a hot box and say hello to a chilled existence when you install an air conditioner for your home!

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