The New Girl season 3 When does it premiere?

New Girl season 3

A series comes to us that has caused scandals here and there, with an exquisite plot and a peculiar but excellent concept. The new girl is a series that, after having debuted with a brutal first season, has become a phenomenon. That is why we bring you this post from its beginnings to the new girl season 3.

The second season has been confirmed, but we have one doubt. When will the new girl season 3 premiere? Read on and find out!

The New Girl season 3 When does it premiere?

We already know what Netflix is ​​like with the new seasons. They always take a good time. However, this time is lengthened or shortened depending on the rating of the series, and of course, if people like it! The series boasts a crushing 4.9 star rating out of 5, and audiences have become Nanno’s number one fan. It is very likely that in early 2023 we will already have the new girl season 3 available on Netflix.

The concept of the series is interesting, the structure and production unique, combined with bloody scenes of excessive violence that will shock anyone. That’s why it quickly became number one in Thailand, now the new girl season 3 comes to conquer Netflix!

Even so, we have to wait. Personally, I think they could rush the date to 2022. Isn’t it obvious that people love the series? And this is due to quite an interesting reason, which you may not have known about.

What is “The New Girl” about?

This series was created in Thailand and was released for the first time in 2018. The concept of the series was based on creating a suspenseful plot with fantastic touches. But with this adolescent and macabre touch that always causes a certain sensation and controversy, in the pure anime style.

This is an anthology series, which means that the episodes are not canon, series like this, Rick and Morty or Black Mirror.

The series is about an intelligent and persuasive girl named Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul) going to ghoulish extremes to extract secrets from people. Motivated by the desire to do justice with their own hand to all those who harass and bully other students. In each episode, he goes to a different school hunting the heartless who dare to attack other students to punish them.

What is the New Girl Boom?

In itself, the series opens the doors to a lot of controversies. Since we have all suffered bullying, the public identifies a lot with the series because of that. However, in the series, the protagonist takes revenge in ruthless ways against her fellow aggressors, with which I hope you do not identify yourself.

This is because the series was based on the true story of a teenage girl who was bullied in high school. It is well known that the girl was abused, beaten and even raped at school. What increases the intrigue: What will the new girl season 3 be like?

The outbursts of the series

That is why the series violently attacks the abuse of power, class differentiation and bullying among adolescents. The new girl plays with aspects of student life, portraying them as something macabre and twisted.

All to move the viewer and make us aware of the situation and the possible consequences of student abuse. The series, in its entirety, is based on the “Me Too” movement against the abuse of women. Thousands of fans of the series shared their stories of harassment on the official networks of the series, a disturbing and thought-provoking story.

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