Three Pests that you Don’t Want in Your House

There are lots of creatures in the UK that thrive in our homes, although they are not necessarily welcome! Our homes provide them with the ideal conditions that they need offering food and shelter, and therefore they are not likely to want to leave!

Once you have an infestation of anything that is causing a problem it is important to get it dealt with as soon as possible as it will usually only become worse.

Rats are a huge problem for many people. They have evolved to be attracted to areas of human habitation and in some parts of the country there are lots of them, especially in built up areas. Like many creatures you might not necessarily see them but there are signs that you might notice that will give you a clue that they are there.

Rats cause problems in two ways – firstly, they can spread certain unpleasant diseases, but they can also cause lots of damage to a property. Wall cavities and drains are particularly attractive to rats, so if you thing you have a rat infestation or have had one in the past it is worth getting your drains checked by a professional like this drain jetting company

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Another home invading pest that we have heard about a lot in the media lately is the humble bedbug. Although they are small, they are very resilient and they are also notoriously difficult to get rid of. Prevention is the best way to go with these – learn how to check bedding for signs of them when you stay in a hotel, and don’t bring anything into the house that has been in a place which is known to have a bedbug infestation.

If you think you have them, then you will need to call a professional to get rid of them as they are immune to most things that can be used to kill them.

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Another problematic insect that is often found in a house are cockroaches. These beetle-like creatures are not often seen, preferring to come out at night under cover of darkness, so look out for their skins as well as the distinctive smell that accompanies them.

Don’t leave food out where it can be accessed as they are attracted to this and contact a pest controller immediately if you think you may have them living with you, as many people are allergic to them and they can also spread unpleasant bugs like salmonella.

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