Tips for keeping your van secure

Most van owners use their vehicles for business. This means there is often a great deal of value in a van. This includes not only the price paid for the van, but also the livelihood of the people who use it for business. You will need the tools and equipment to pay the bills and keep your customers happy. It’s important to invest in van security. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

Prioritise security

There are many things to consider when choosing for your business. Don’t get distracted by the bells and the whistles. Security should be your top priority. As standard, you’ll want to have the best equipment. Consider adding an immobiliser and an alarm if you want to spend more.

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Modify your needs to suit you

Make sure that your van’s add-ons are suitable for your needs if you want to modify it beyond the security specifications. For example, you might require lockable tool boxes or upgraded deadlocks.

Security technology

Standard on all new vans is an immobiliser. It should include an immobiliser and be a Thatcham Category 2-approved system. Then you can upgrade to a vehicle tracking system or electronic alarm. Installing a GPS tracker can reduce your insurance rates and increase the chances of your vehicle being returned in case it’s stolen.

Keep valuables out of the car

If your valuables aren’t in the vehicle, they can’t be taken. The safest way to keep your van secure is to remove all tools every time you leave. At least, if you are unable to do so every time, don’t make them visible. Do not forget to remove any other valuable items, like sat-navs, mobile phones, and laptops.

Park Safe

Most thieves are opportunists and prefer dark, poorly-lit areas. Places with CCTV surveillance, in busy areas and where there is plenty of light are the best places to park your car.

Consider installing security lighting, cameras for your home, a locking gate, or rising bollards when parking your van in a residential area. For more information on Electric Gates Cheltenham, go to Complete Gate Automation, suppliers of Electric Gates Cheltenham

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Take down the content

Keep a list of everything in your van just in case. Keep receipts for expensive items in case you have to make an insurance claim. It is also recommended to watermark valuable items as it will identify the item on a central database.

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