What your home decoration colours say about you

We all have colours that are our preferred choices when it comes to decorating our homes but did you know that there is a psychology behind colour and that the hues and tones that you choose say something about your personality?

Take a look at what a few of these colours mean for the next time you look to decorate your Park Homes Gloucester way.

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This is a colour that is associated with intellect and when surrounded by this colour we are affected on a mentally level. It is a soothing colour and can help you to think more clearly as well as aiding concentration and productivity.


Often thought to be one of the strongest colours in terms of its psychological impact, it is the colour associated with confidence. It can help to lift your mood and improve self-esteem.

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This is the colour of balance and is often seen as a neutral colour in terms of its impact on use psychologically. It is the colour often chosen by people who are down to earth and practical as well as those you are dependable and like spending time with others. This can make it the perfect colour for a living room space.

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