Why one of Exeter City’s Residents New Year’s Resolutions is to have an Electrical Safety Check

The ancient tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions began some 4,000 Years ago and was conceived by the Babylonian people who held a twelve-day celebration, called Akitu, where they reaffirmed their devotion to their King. The local residents of the Ancient City of Exeter, (that has roots as far back as the Roman Civilisation), have affirmed that one of their New Year’s Resolutions is to have a complete Electrical Check carried out by a professional, reputable, experienced company such as https://www.slelectricals.co.uk/ who are a specialist Exeter Electrician.  With Fire Safety the main reason behind these Electrical Checks, especially after all the celebrations of Christmas and the potential of overloading plug sockets.

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Exeter is classified as a relatively small City with a population of only just over 129,000 but the local inhabitants are prepared to invest in the safety of their Electrical Appliances, their Homes and families.  Having a fully qualified, experienced, local Electrician carry out these vital safety checks gives them Peace of Mind that their Homes are as safe as they can possibly be. The tragedy of a fatal fire in any Home is something these forward-thinking Residents are determined to prevent at any cost.

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Not just completing Electrical Safety checks, the friendly Team behind these Local Heroes can safely install, as well as check any electrical appliances in the homes of all the Exeter City Residents.

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