How to fix 403 forbidden error on google chrome

how to fix 403 forbidden error on google chrome

403 forbidden error is one of the most common errors faced by many people who are using Google Chrome browser. Most of the time, you may get this error because you have blocked some site or website from accessing your account. In this post, we’ll show you how to fix 403 forbidden error on Google Chrome and restore access to blocked websites.

You are using Google Chrome browser and you are receiving 403 forbidden error on the website. What could be the reason behind this error? In this article, we will tell you how to fix 403 forbidden error on google chrome.

How to fix 403 forbidden error on google chrome?

Use Incognito Mode

If you have blocked a website from accessing your Google account and you are unable to access the particular website, then use Incognito mode. You can also do that by going on settings menu of google chrome browser and remove forbidden items section as shown in the image below:

You’ll need to click “Options” next > Forbid Contexts / Sites”. Leave everything checked except for Allowed (the default) at bottom near URL bar.

Go to Settings >   Options button, then click on the Advanced Tab and there you will find “Do not automatically fill forms in certain contexts”. Uncheck this option but ensure that “Block pages from filling out data when accessing them”.  

Clear Cookies

Another thing to do is clear your cookies. The instructions for this will probably be on the side of what browser you are using but if you need help or have no clue how to delete them here is a link that tells all about clearing cookies from different browsers: Delete Cookies . You can also go through Chrome’s Help menu and find lots of information regarding navigating through it’s menus and such along with clicking right mouse button options like Window > Browser Tools ( C).

Check URL at Google Chrome Address bar

In case the error or block extension is related to a particular site, you might want to check at Google Chrome’s Address bar. Scroll down till the bottom of your browser and click on Clear Browsing Data . After that, refresh these pages again after completing this action so that all details about any problem website is removed from your browser memory.

Try Restarting Your Internet Explorer Browser

Sometimes it is also necessary to restart your computer for a shutdown or reboot can cure of many glitches in IE browser as well. Press F5 button at the time you come online and when internet Explorer restarts, select Restart Options from pop-up menu.

Check if Touch Screen has Solution Flaw

Especially on Windows OSes (Priest Basic (Second Edition), Turbine Classic 4.0) touch screens are known to cause glitches in IE browser when open to some websites or pages like this causes it to refresh very quickly. So if that happens you need check via hardware menus ( F1-F12) and Macro record function of the keypad if macro is working correctly on your system otherwise, wrap any window with opera mini web browser version which works well on Windows machines!


In order to fix 403 forbidden error on google chrome, you need to go to the settings of your browser and disable the “Enable Java” option. Now open a new tab and type in chrome://settings/content/ into the address bar. On the next page, click on “Under the Hood” and uncheck “Enable Java”. Save changes by clicking on “Done”.

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