Making sure you do an end of tenancy clean correctly

Did you know that the biggest reasons tenants don’t receive their full deposit back is down to cleaning issues and the condition a property is left in at the end of a tenancy?

Tenants have a right to a clean and hygienic property when they first move in. However, there is a responsibility on the tenant to maintain the property and leave it in a clean condition when they leave. There is no obligation for a tenant to pay for a professional cleaning service but with the stress of moving, most tenants find a deep clean too much to fit in. There are many cleaning companies who specialise in end of tenancy cleaning services. For help finding your next home, consider Stroud Estate Agents at a site like tg residential

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Tenants are responsible for the cleaning of the property while they live in a rental. Gardens, patios and driveways are also included in this maintenance responsibility. Tenants can be held liable if a lack of cleaning leads to issues like damage to the property or health hazards and pest infestations, for example.

More than half of deposit disputes are the result of disagreements over cleaning. The landlord has every right to insist that the property is left in the same clean and undamaged condition as it was when the tenants first moved in. How the tenant achieves this, is up to them. At the end of a tenancy, it is useful for the tenant to use their original inventory as a guide as to what should be where and how things were when they first moved in.

Ideally, the last clean should be completed just before the final inventory report is conducted so the property is at its very best when the checks are carried out. Tenants who plan to carry out the clean themselves should set aside ample time for this task, as a deep clean will often take longer than expected. For those who decide to hire cleaning services, choose wisely as it is your deposit that is on the line!

If a tenant moves out without cleaning a property, the landlord can deduct the cost of hiring a cleaning service from the original deposit. They cannot deduct more than the deposit amount but remember that they will be looking for the very best cleaning service and not the cheapest. It is definitely in the tenant’s best interests to clean a property before moving out.

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A thorough clean will include things like cleaning kitchen cupboards, ovens and hobs. Bathroom cleans must include scrubbing the toilet, sink and bath or shower area. Living rooms should have surfaces dusted and a thorough vacuuming performed. Windows should be cleaned and any damage to walls should be filled in, such as where you have hung pictures. Scuffs and dirt should be wiped from all walls. Carpets and rugs should be cleaned, ideally with a proper carpet cleaning service and if curtains are washable, these should be washed or taken to the dry cleaners.

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