A mile-wide smile

Having a great smile can make you feel so much more confident, and Hollywood is full of glittery, white grins. These celebs really do have the whole package, talent, beautiful hair, bright skin and a million-dollar smile.

Let’s look at the big stars who have the biggest smiles:

Tom Cruise has a lovely big grin and it’s also common knowledge that he had some braces too. It’s great that celebrities are making it ‘cool’ to have teeth straightening work done and if it’s good enough for the red carpet then it’s good enough for us too.  Whether he is glammed up is his Sunday best or dapping about in some ETO menswear sold by EJ menswear.

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Kim Kardashian – love her or not, she was certainly blessed with some luscious lips and a fab set of gnashers. She may have had some whitening to help her achieve that sexy smile but that’s something we can easily achieve too.

Julia Roberts has the most radiant smile that transforms her whole face. Apparently, she uses baking soda and not toothpaste, following in the footsteps of her grandfather who allegedly had only one cavity in his whole lifetime. She could have had some porcelain veneers fitted but that’s just speculation.

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Gwen Stefani of the band No Doubt is another star to have had work done and in 1999 she proudly showed the world her full set of train tracks. Good on her for showing us that imperfections should not be something to be ashamed of.

Beyonce has picture perfect pearly whites and whether she has had work done, nobody knows but she has such a natural smile and glowing beauty that we really don’t care.

Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t show us his chompers very often playing the strong and silent types on screen but when he smiles, we can see his natural looking and even teeth in a great smile that really opens his face.

Kate Beckinsale is another beauty with a grin to be proud of. She has admitted to having cosmetic dentistry and most likely had straightening, realignment, whitening and possibly gum reconstruction which allows more of the teeth to be exposed.

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