How to build your own hot tub in the garden

build your own hot tub in garden

The rhythm of life of some people does not allow them to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a good spa. However, to solve this problem, there are those known as garden jacuzzis. Not only can you recharge your energies, but you can also have them in the comfort of your home.

They serve to use them at any time of the year, especially in the summer, when we can take advantage of our gardens more than ever. And the best thing is that you can share it with family and friends.

However, there are people who still do not understand the difference between choosing a swimming pool and opting for a jacuzzi. First of all, let’s see what the main differences between these two alternatives are.

Jacuzzi for garden vs swimming pool

Although both options have the main thing, which is water, they have unavoidable differences that you cannot ignore if you intend to organize your outdoor garden incorporating one of these wonderful elements.

Do you want to relax or have fun? This is an important issue that you must take into account because the adrenaline produced by fun and moments of great energy is not the same as the space you choose to be with yourself and fully enjoy the tranquility and peace.

An outdoor jacuzzi is made so that you can lie down horizontally, always maintaining this resting position. Helping you to better manage your stress levels while enjoying a good massage in key areas of the body.

Contrary to this, swimming pools work a little differently. In them, the idea is that you can stand while you take a good dip. The purpose is to move within it, allowing you to swim freely, which becomes an exercise that requires energy compared to jacuzzis.

On the other hand, the number of people entering swimming pools can be much higher than those entering a backyard hot tub. You also have to remember that pools are also designed to have a fun time and are perhaps full of family games.

Now, in the jacuzzi, your companions know very well that they also need an outstanding hydromassage, so the posture is much calmer and more relaxed.

Health benefits

One of the most important reasons for choosing a jacuzzi is the number of benefits they bring to the body. Time in them is therapeutic, it helps you deal with muscle pain and you also enjoy all the advantages that a hydromassage produces.

In these great machines, you will have a space of comfort that will not rob you of any energy, ensuring that you leave totally revitalized and ready to start your routine or simply take a good rest.

For their part, swimming pools require greater muscle movement while you swim, which is very beneficial for losing weight by exercising against the current with the water, without a doubt something very different from a jacuzzi spa.

The space

Swimming pools generally need a fairly large space compared to a garden spa. This is because they are deeper and require a fairly detailed build.

They have a machine room to treat the water and also, although you will always have the freedom to build a small or larger one, whatever your choice, you should know that it involves work to be able to carry it out.

On the other hand, jacuzzis are more practical to install, you simply need a small space in your garden and your temple of relaxation is ready, but the best thing is that the jacuzzi can be detachable and you can change its location whenever you want.


To ensure the useful life of a garden hot tub you need to check the water every few days and notice its color to know what state it is in.

Bromine is used to disinfect jacuzzis and whirlpools, unlike swimming pools that do not suffer from stagnant water inside. In this case, the water is changed every three months and attention must be paid to the chemicals we use for cleaning.

You can also choose to simply drain all the water from the jacuzzi and refill it, a process that will not require much more time than it would take for a conventional pool.

Now, in the case of swimming pools, the process may be similar, but the dimensions and the number of chemicals that you will have to apply the change. For this, you have to calculate the volume of the water.

Main differences between a garden jacuzzi and a swimming pool

If you want to maximize your recreation time to the next level, then opting for a swimming pool would be ideal. During the summer days, the temperature of the water is warmer, but the problem begins to appear when the cold winter makes its way and prevents us from fully enjoying it.

Swimming pools evoke freedom and freshness. You can move your legs and feet freely, making it the center of all the fun and entertainment for family and friends.

Outdoor hot tubs can be used at any time of the year as they have their own system to keep the water hot, which is perfect for enjoying whenever you need it. On the other hand, you can combine your bath with other alternative therapies, such as chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Finally, building an above-ground or in-ground pool is much more expensive than installing an outdoor hot tub, as they come pre-made and can be purchased and installed immediately. In addition, its price is quite variable, so it can be accessible to all people who need it.

So much so that there are inflatable hot tubs, elevated, semi-buried or made of different materials such as wood, plastic and even with lights included.

Why choose a jacuzzi for the garden?
Jacuzzis can be better adapted to space. If you have a small garden, this is not a problem, because there are hot tubs of all sizes, even to accommodate a single person.

As if that were not enough, they represent a true oasis for people who have little time to relax. And it is that just by turning on the hydromassage, you will enjoy all the benefits of water. Perfect for doing any type of therapy to relieve pain.

They are less expensive, their installation is very practical, as is the maintenance they require. You can also use them at any time of the year, regardless of the outside temperature.

It allows you to achieve a very modern decoration using a few elements, such as vegetation and the contrast of lights, to create the best of environments in the comfort of your home.

Garden hot tubs can be for one or more people and you can spend more time alone with your partner without the distractions of everyday life. Whether alone or accompanied, the purpose is clear: relax.

How to get the most out of your garden jacuzzi?

Choose to have hydromassage sessions more than once a week. The recommended minimum is 15 minutes per session. This habit will allow you to treat chronic pain or ailments that can be associated with high levels of stress.

Remember that the ideal temperature should not exceed 37 degrees celsius. If it rises, you would be exposing your body to temperatures that it cannot withstand.

It is necessary that you submerge your whole body leaving only your head on the outside. In this way, it will benefit you much more. The best position is the one in which you support your neck and spine in complete relaxation, as it allows the water to do its best work while you take a good rest inside your whirlpool spa. We are sure that when you get one, you will not regret it.


The first thing we take into consideration before purchasing one of these products is the number of benefits it brings us. Being able to be outside in a garden hot tub is definitely the dream of anyone looking for some quiet time.

Technologically, they have many qualities that make this time the most comfortable of all. They allow you to listen to music, connect your mobile and even choose the type of lights, all within the same place.

Taking these qualities as a reference, we determine that contrary to swimming pools, jacuzzis are made for relaxation and swimming pools for fun, although they are not only limited to this.

In the jacuzzi, you have a much more intimate moment, especially if they have hydromassage with different power levels that make the experience something unmatched. Likewise, the space to be used is completely different since the pools need a larger area.

There are people who have enough space to have these two elements. However, not all of us can afford that luxury, so if you decide on the garden jacuzzi, you will be betting on comfort and savings.

In the same way, the benefits that the jacuzzi brings to our health cannot be overlooked: it lowers blood pressure, helps you fall asleep naturally and improves blood circulation without any physical effort.

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