Teaching a child who has Asthma or severe Allergies the importance of monitoring their own condition.

Any child living with Asthma or severe Allergies should be taught from an early age the importance of monitoring their own conditions.  Understanding their own bodies and recognising when an Allergic reaction or Asthma attack may be happening could be the difference between life and death for them. If you have a child at home who suffers with any potential life-threatening conditions, you would benefit greatly from receiving some specialist Safe handling of medication training to enable you to understand how each emergency medication works, so you can clearly explain it to your child.

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As your child gets older and spends time at School. College or University, understanding their own health issues, carefully controlling their medications and making sure teachers, professors and friends know how to help them in the case of an emergency is critical.  They would also benefit from attending a bespoke training course aimed specifically at the importance of Safe handling of medication.

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Any child that is confident with administering their own medication under the guidance of an adult, who will help record each incident and its severity, is a child that will thrive in any challenging environment.  By attending a bespoke training course, they will have all the important and relevant information they need on their potentially life-threatening condition, so they can control it and understand the consequences of not reporting incidents to an adult.


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