Thinking outside of the box when it comes to choosing a gift for a loved one

We all know what it’s like to receive a gift from a friend or family member, we excitedly rip open the glittering wrapping paper, only to find another pair of woolly socks or maybe a box of chocolates and our previous excitement is diminished.  We obviously don’t show that we are disappointed, but the gift is quickly put to one side after we have said our polite “Thank you”. Think outside of the box when you are buying a gift and don’t risk your friend or family member being disappointed with the present you have purchased.  If the special present you are looking for is something your favourite Auntie would love and have endless hours of enjoyment from then what about some Crochet Kits?  These quirky, individual kits are made by a specialist company such as  Your Auntie will love the fact that you’ve really thought about what she would love, and she will genuinely thank you for such an interesting and individual present.

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A novelty, interesting present will be gratefully received and thoroughly enjoyed for a long time afterwards.  Perhaps a gift certificate to take part in a cookery day, or Llama walking experience, hot-air balloon trip or exhilarating fast car race, any of these out of the box generous gifts would be something your excited recipient would absolutely LOVE. If you know, (for example) that your best friend loves horses, you could get a certificate for her to spend the day at a riding stable.  There are also lots of online websites that specialise in personalised gifts and cards, Funky Pigeon, Etsy, Not on the High Street and the Card Factory are just a few of the sites you can look at. Personalised jewellery, photo frames, glasses, cushions and clothing can all be ordered and delivered within a few days.  Evan personalised wrapping paper with specific details of the birthday boy or girl can also be obtained.

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Take your time when thinking about gifts that you purchase, try to make them individual and unique, thinking outside of the box is a fantastic way to decide what presents to buy.  Don’t play safe, no pairs of fluffy socks and boxes of chocolates, think unusual, quirky and especially personal. 

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