Five Ways To Stay Healthy During Rainy Season

According to Wikipedia, rain is water droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapour and then fall under blah blah blah. We all know what rain is, it brings life and it is a relief from the scorching season that reminds us that planet Earth is way too close to the sun.

Now, although rain is a great relief from the scorching sun, it wouldn’t be all that great when we remember that it can lead to the rapid spread of microbe-borne diseases like malaria, influenza, chikungunya fever, dengue and more. However, many ways can be employed to avoid contracting any of those stated, as we only intend to enjoy the rainy season and all its benefits. 

To enjoy the rainy season, we need to be in good health. In this article from real money casino Australia, we will be writing down some basic health tips you should follow to stay healthy during the season.

Drink Clean Water: Always

Having stomach problems during the rain is very common as the water resources are likely to get contaminated at this time of the year. The best way to drink clean water is to install a good water filter in your home, based on the water filtration needs of your area. Another option you can go for is to boil drinking water before using it. If you’re travelling, you should keep a bottle of water or get sealed bottled water.

Get Your Probiotics & The Fresh Veggies

You should be keeping your intestinal floral happy whenever you can. Get enough probiotics like curd and yoghurt as it will ensure a healthy level of good bacteria. You should, however, avoid stale foods as they will attract infection-causing bacteria later. Mix up your diet with fresh vegetables to get lots of protein, fibre, and other nutrients that are beneficial. It is important to note that you should wash your vegetables well and avoid eating raw foods as much as you can.

Don’t Dance In The Rain; Just Don’t

Although we all love to indulge in our childish ways now and then by dancing in the rain or enjoying the rain shower. Leave the childish things to the children, they have parents that will get drugs for them. You, on the other hand, will have to buy that from your income, which will leave you grumbling for the rest of day like you lost your savings to the games at

Enjoying a rain shower means you can get contaminated as dirt tend to get trapped in the skin and hair, which will end up causing damage. However, if you want to enjoy the rain shower, just have a hot bath waiting for you in your house. And don’t stay in the rain for too long.

Eat Fruits That Increase Immunity

Eating one apple a day can help you cleanse the toxins in the liver and boost your body’s immunity long-term. Fruits rich in vitamin c like oranges and sweet lime are regarded as one of the healthiest ways to boost immunity and fight infection. Fruits are a natural source of vitamins and minerals that are important for people to maintain health and fitness.

Using Insect Repellent

We did talk about malaria being one of the dark sides of the rainy season. Mosquitoes are notorious for distributing that hateful disease. They are mostly populated in places filled with excess rainwater, so you should avoid walking on paths like that. That’s their territory. You should consider using insect repellents and mosquito nets, and also put on long-sleeved clothing when you’re going out, especially at night. You don’t need to know what malaria and dengue feel like.

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