Coronavirus, how to receive guests at home

Coronavirus, how to receive guests at home. Shoes at the entrance, not at the buffet, and finger food. Relationship life also resumed thanks to invitations in times of Covid-19. With some precaution. At the table, don’t just talk about the pandemic and look for normal topics.


First of all, no paranoia and no obsessions, otherwise it is better to avoid making invitations at home. And stay with your close family members until you feel confident. Rather, inviting and receiving in times of coronavirus, in order not to waste the pleasure of conviviality and to resume this aspect of our relationship life, means making some adjustments with respect to our habits. And keep in mind the times we are experiencing and the Covid-19 cyclone season.

HOW TO INVITE IN CORONAVIRUS TIMESCoronavirus, how to receive guests at home

In particular, here are 10 very simple and very effective tips to get your relationship life back at home.

A clean and welcoming home. Never as in this period, it is necessary to give not only a feeling but substantial security of a tidy, clean, welcoming home. Where everyone can feel comfortable, and where no one has the slightest worry or dirty feeling. Pay particular attention to the bathroom, where disposable wipes must always be available.

The shoes at the entrance. By now this is a habit that has entered our lifestyles and therefore until proven otherwise, it is good to respect it. Needless to ask too many questions about the real usefulness of the new custom: accept it and, apologizing to the guests, invite them to leave their shoes at the entrance.

All with the mask. It does not mean eating protected, but arriving at the guest’s house, however, equipped. It is also a gesture of respect towards all the guests.

Food at the table. There is no coronavirus kitchen. Rather than avoid buffets in the most absolute way, they are not recommended for a gathering effect. And as a famous Japanese TV video showed, which we showed in this article, buffets are deadly vehicles of infection in case of infection.

No finger food. This is not the time to eat any food with your hands. Cutlery is always needed and must not be promiscuous.


Do not exchange dishes and glasses. To each his own: maybe use glasses with different colors to avoid their promiscuous use. The same goes for food: it is not shared. For the moment the famous question “Do you make me taste from your plate?” it is frozen.

Disinfectants. Prepare them for possible use. Check that everything is in order in the bathroom to allow guests to wash their hands on arrival. And if anyone forgets about it, remind them of it with simple elegance.

Coronavirus, how to receive guests at home

Distance at the table. A meter, as usual. And absolutely avoid kisses, caresses, hugs, handshakes. But nevertheless, try to converse with those who are not sitting next to you.

No air conditioning. It is not yet time to use the air conditioning systems which, in any case, must be well cleaned and disinfected. We are still in a transitory phase and we can give up the air conditioning.

Keep open. Work hard not to focus the conversation on coronavirus issues. It is not pleasant, and you risk making the evening monotonous and anxious. Life also resumes through relationships, and dialogue, on everyday things. And not always and only on the pandemic.

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