The home friendly alternative to Racking.

In our age of items and general clutter, we all need a bit of storage to tidy things away. For the most part a nice piece of industrial longspan or pallet racking would quite happily fulfil this role but there are times when this will not do. It’s not expected that you would want a large section of orange and blue industrial racking in your home, regardless of whether it does the job organising everything for you. It might be ok in the garage but even then there is an alternative that is tasteful and extremely practical. This is the use of the Slatwall storage system and some of the best are available from

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A Slatwall system is very simple. It features floating shelves that are slotted into a base. The base is screwed to whichever wall you want to add the shelving. It means that you have a versatile storage system that doesn’t look out of place or as if it should be in a warehouse.

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Slatwalls can be made out of wood or PVC. This means it can compliment the colours in your home. Shelves can be adjusted to different heights on the slatwall so that you can accommodate a plethora of objects. For example, If you have lots of books why bother buying  several expensive bookcases, just fill a wall with Slatwall and you have the makings of a library.

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