The correct way to wear a shirt.

You may think that it’s just a simple case of taking out your shirt, putting it on, doing up the buttons and off you go. This is not strictly the case. There is a certain way and style to wear a shirt and, most importantly, making sure it fits correctly. The last thing you want is to have a shirt where the buttons are desperately trying to hold everything in. One of the best makes to look out for is the range of Farah Shirts at, these are real quality.

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First off, you need to decide if you’re a plain or patterned man. Too much of a pattern and you could start to emphasise the parts of your shape that you don’t want to, however they can also hide quite a lot as well.

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In terms of a plain shirt this all boils down to colour. Whilst you may scoff at the concept the next time you are out shopping take a selection of colours into the changing room. Place each colour in turn against your neck and compare it to your face. You will see that some things “wash out” your face while others seem, albeit unexpectedly, to make it shine.

Get this right and you have a wardrobe winner.

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