Types of roller blinds-The touch of difference in your home

roller blinds

On many occasions, we talk about how necessary it is to achieve a unique and personal decoration. Actually, when we try to make your home have a personal touch, we are considering that this final result is the combination of many variables. Putting together, all those aspects correctly we will get the perfect decoration. We talk about the types of roller blinds.

One of the most important points in the decoration of a room and, therefore, of interior decoration, is how to dress the windows. The options are very wide, and new forms and designs appear every time, but taking into account that in HoyLowCost we try to make the cost adjusted, today we will treat roller blinds, as they can be an ideal alternative.

Types of roller blinds. A lot of variety and a wide price range

The type of roller blind we choose depends a lot on the use of where it will be located and the budget we have. And it must be borne in mind that it is not the same as a blind that is going to be in contact with grease and dirt, such as that of the kitchen, or in which prime the design and its final result, as in a room or the lounge

Considering all these aspects, we can talk about roller blinds of different types :

Opaque blindsroller blinds

They are probably not the most appropriate for a home, because the amount of light that it passes through is less than in other types, but it can be perfect in areas that are too hot or where we don’t want the sun to get in too much. They are models with very opaque fabrics.

Night and day blindsroller blinds

They have been in fashion for a few years, and it seems that they are here to stay. They are blinds with strips on which it depends on their placement, allowing more or less light to pass through. In this way, we can regulate the clarity of the room in a simple way.

Screen blindsroller blinds

Without a doubt, they are the roller blinds that are being chosen the most. One of the points we look for when covering the windows is that they don’t see us from the outside. This type of blinds allows the light to enter during the day, but without neighbors or curious to see you from the outside. It is perfect especially for the rooms because it is also very easy to clean.

Translucent blindsroller blinds

This type of blindness has a long way in the interior decoration, since it allows part of the exterior light to pass, achieving an intimate environment; and also protects you from prying eyes from outside. It is ideal for rooms where it is not necessary to have too much light, therefore, we should avoid it in study areas, for example.

How to customize a roller blind

Technology also reaches the world of decoration to achieve unique results. In the case of roller blinds, it is possible to customize them with images and prints, so it can be adapted to the rest of the home decoration very easily.

Take advantage of this possibility of customization to escape from boring roller blinds: ask your little ones for advice on decorating your room, choose a reason for the main room, and do not forget that the kitchen blind can also have a great role.

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