Signs You May Have a Broken Pipe

There are several possible signs that you may have a broken water pipe. It is very important that you identify it as soon as possible before the problem gets serious. There are many health risks and hazards associated with a broken or burst pipe such as flooding, and water contamination that can be life threatening. If the pipe is a main pipe for a city the problem could be even more serious, possibly flooding everywhere and making the water unsafe to use or drink in the whole city. It would be hard to inform everyone in time before anyone uses it, so illness would occur. Hopefully this highlights the importance of reacting quickly when you suspect a water pipe is broken. If you find that you do have a broken pipe, you will most likely need a Drain Lining Company to re-line your drains for you. I highly recommend Wilkinson Environmental drain lining. Read on to find out what the signs are that you may have a broken pipe.

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1. The first sign that you may have a broken pipe is if your walls are wet or you can hear dripping behind the walls. It is possible that your walls are wet because of condensation or a leak from water, but it is best to get this checked out by a plumber. If the leak is large and a lot of water is coming out, your house could be at risk of flooding, and this could seriously damage your property. This is not only hazardous but will also be very expensive to repair. It is important to call an emergency plumber if this is the case or if you are really worried for your safety, call the fire emergency services.

2. The next sign is if you have mould. Again, this could be due to poor ventilation and high levels of humidity but could also be due to water leaks caused by a broken pipe. It is important, if you have mould, to find the root cause so that you get rid of it for good. Mould can cause various health problems such as asthma and respiratory illnesses so it’s crucial you get it cleaned.

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3. Another tell-tale sign you have a broken pipe is that your water is dirty or smells. This should definitely set off alarm bells in your mind so do not drink or use the water. It is important if this is the case, to call an emergency plumber, get a drain survey done, and get the drain re-lined. Dirty drinking water can cause serious illness. There are many waterborne illnesses like Legionella caused by problems such as rusty pipes so you must be cautious.

4. Lastly, if you have puddles of water around your sink, it could be due to a pipe rather than someone washing their hands a bit too enthusiastically. Obviously if you see the water coming out as a steady trickle, or flow, you should call an emergency plumber as soon as possible. If the water appears without an obvious cause, still contact the plumber.

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