Top 5 tips to feel motivated to exercise after a long day at work

tips to feel motivated to exercise

While I’m a huge fitness fanatic, there are certain times when I don’t want to exercise, even when I know I should.

Let’s face it, after a long day at work, sitting on the couch watching TV or going online for a while may sound much more attractive than heading to a crowded gym. Exercising in the morning, while highly beneficial, is often not a preferred option for most working women.

So how can I get motivated after a long day at work to exercise if you’re not a fitness fanatic and sometimes just hate the sheer idea of exercise? Well, that’s a good question and one that I think about very often. If you don’t really like exercising, or need a change in your thinking, it’s time to start increasing your motivation to exercise.

If you know that you need to exercise, but sometimes what you lack is motivation, then try to carry out these 5 simple tricks that can make a big difference.

1. Take your exercise clothes to worktips to feel motivated to exercise

The night before you go to work, pack a gym bag with all the clothes you need, then take the bag with you to work (or just put all the things in your briefcase).The effect of wearing exercise clothes with you to work is very powerful in the subconscious of your mind, that way you can go straight to the gym from work.

The moment you arrive home from work and sit on the sofa, there is no going back!

If your gym is in your residence, or home, avoid sitting down before you go to do your workout.

Ideally, the moment you get home, go change and then go to the gym.

You have to create a habit.

You don’t want to give yourself the time to commit to a deep inner monologue about whether or not you should do your training.

2. Organize your workouts

Sometimes I put my workouts on my calendar and treat them as if they were an important business meeting that I can’t miss. By having them on my calendar for the week, I am thinking about them and mentally preparing to do my training. This also helps make exercising a priority.

My schedule is unpredictable and lacks structure, so this is a great help to me.

Ideally, I try to train at the same time of day and on the same days to make exercise a habit, but I repeat, just seeing the workouts listed on your calendar can be very helpful.

3. Take a class at the gym or get yourself a partnertips to feel motivated to exercise

When you are alone, you need that intrinsic motivation, but working out with a group of people will help you put more demands on yourself. If you’re already enrolled in a gym, try signing up for a couple of classes like full-body strength training, or boxing if they offer it.

Another option is to get a gym partner to train with you, it can be a co-worker, your partner, or a friend. Group support is very, very powerful.

4. Create a rule

I have an established rule that no matter what madness happens in my life, I will not exercise less than 3 times in a week. This means that I cannot go more than 2 days without exercising (I almost start to get nervous). I think that the minimum allowed should be exercising at least 2 times a week for 30 minutes.

You are not going to “try” to do your training, or you are going to say that you “should” exercise you “must” exercise!

If you are a professional and hard-working woman, you are sitting on your butt consuming yourself if you don’t exercise. That is a harsh reality. Your body is designed to move, not sit in a chair looking at a computer all day.

5. Reward yourselftips to feel motivated to exercise

Maybe it could be going to a movie in the cinema, buying new clothes to go to the gym, or a massage, rewarding yourself for training can help you stay motivated.

While you can certainly reward yourself with certain tastes without exercising, the reward feels much better and you feel better deserved after a good workout.

If any of these tips have worked for you, or if you have any other tips that you would like to share about methods or strategies that help you stay motivated, please leave a comment.

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