Getting married on Friday: 8 fantastic benefits

Getting married on Friday

Even though Saturday is still the most demanded day to go through the altar, many couples exchange alliances on a Friday, as it is an equally good option. Don’t miss out on the many benefits of getting married on Friday!

Treating yourself “yes, I want” on Friday is an excellent option. So if you are looking for original wedding ideas, you can start the day. But not only that. You will also have free all weekend – which will allow you to extend the celebration as much as you want and share more time with family and friends – and you will have more possibilities when choosing, whether it is dates, places or different providers. This is the case of the professional photographer, the DJ who will play the different wedding songs that will play throughout the day, the wedding car or the hairdresser who will make you that fantastic wedding hairstyle, for example. Some reasons that justify that more and more couples decide to get married on a Friday. Do you want to discover many more?

1. More possibilities when choosingGetting married on Friday

This is one of the main advantages of celebrating the link on Friday. And, as it is a less demanded day, you will have more free spaces for both the ceremony and the celebration. Besides, as we said at the beginning, it will be easier for you to hire the suppliers you like for the chosen date since there will not be as many requests for that day. And maybe you can benefit from some kind of discount or offer, such as a personalized floral decoration – which may or may not go with that romantic bridal bouquet for 2020 -.

2. They do not usually coincide with other weddings

By choosing Friday as the day of celebration, it is more than likely that you are the only wedding banquet that the provider has that day, so the treatment will be much more personalized and the atmosphere more intimate and calm than if you opt for a Saturday. And it will be much easier not to coincide with other weddings or commitments that your loved ones may have.

3. A party that lengthensGetting married on Friday

One of the biggest advantages that you will have if you get married on Friday is that no guest will be in a hurry to leave since they will have all weekend to recover from the party. No one will want to go, so choose comfortable shoes for the party, such as flat bridal shoes.

In anticipation of a long night of fun, and beyond the traditional goodies, do not hesitate to include consistent options among the many ideas for the candy bar. We are talking about muffins, cupcakes, cookies, meringues and various sweets, but also fruit and chocolate fondues, for example. A salty recipe will also be a success: hotdogs, pizzas, crepes, hamburgers, popcorn … So the guests can regain strength in the middle of the night and continue giving everything on the dance floor to the sound of that fantastic playlist that you have prepared for the chance.

4. You will start your married life in a relaxed way

Relaxed and calm, because you can get up without rushing and do everything you have planned, such as spending the first day of marriage preparing the suitcases for the honeymoon or finalizing details. It can be updating your wedding website, for example, or by consulting all the photographs that the guests of the link uploaded to WedShoots, the free application of

5. You will have the whole weekend ahead

Getting married on Friday leaves you free all weekend for what you want. For example, after extending the party to the maximum, you can sleep as much as you want or recover after spending all night dancing non-stop those romantic songs for weddings. Even from the possible hangover!

6. You can celebrate a short post-wedding

In the same way, that post-wedding photo shoots have become popular – in which you can return to show off your respective bridal outfits and portray yourself with them in a much more calm and unhurried way after B-day – the fact of getting married on Friday allows you to extend the celebration until the next day, sharing with family or friends who wish a fantastic breakfast or a pleasant meal all together. In this way, on Saturday you can do a post-wedding meeting with the most intimate to discuss the most exciting aspects of the day. Something that will be especially practical if you have all slept together in the same hotel or the same farmhouse, for example. No one will want your magical wedding date to end! Do you want to go a little further? Extend the celebration all weekend! There will be no better way to start your married life than surrounded by your loved ones. All are advantages!

7. Your guests will accompany you on such a special date

No matter what date you choose for your visit to the altar, what is clear is that your family and friends will not fail you. Perhaps someone has had to ask for the day off to accompany you, but do not doubt that those who received your vintage wedding invitations will be wanting to share with you such a special day on the calendar. What matters is being together, not on any day of the week.

8. What about people who come from outside?

Depending on the kilometers away, it is likely that loved ones who have to travel to accompany you on your way through the altar must take the day of the vacation link, although it is also true that they will not have to leave the day after the celebration hardly having rested. Likewise, and as when they get up it will still be Saturday, they will be able to tour the city or municipality celebrating “yes, I want to”. Accompany them, take the opportunity to show them emblematic places of the municipality and take them to eat tasty recipes typical of your land. On Sunday they can go home quietly.

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