How to wear black sandals with all dresses?

how to wear black sandals

One of the vices that women love to take off is shopping: a real relaxing and very pleasant cure-all! If not the accessory par excellence to buy, one of the accessories is without a doubt the shoes. There are various shapes and types, also about the seasonality of the shoe. In this guide, we will deal with the sandals: how to wear black sandals, typical of the summer season, specifically the black ones, and how to combine them according to the various situations. The advantage of the black color will also ensure you don’t have to over-brain over a specific color, as black goes with just about everything.

How to wear black sandals

how to wear black sandals

Low sandals

In case our new purchase is sandals with a low heel, but we don’t know what to combine them with, this is the paragraph for you. They are sandals suitable for casual wear to wear during the day, so go ahead for shorts, a nice skirt, or even light dresses. All this is perhaps accompanied by a beautiful necklace or rather large earrings.

High sandals for daytime

If, instead, your shopping choice fell on a high-heeled sandal, here we are faced with two different choices depending on the type of heel they have. Let’s look at a sandal with a thin heel, then, in this case, the perfect match is with straight and narrow trousers instead, if we opted for a high sandal but with a more voluminous and perhaps squared heel, green light for “bell-bottom” trousers with a high waist, in typical 70s hippie style.

High evening sandals

Matching the high sandal for the evening also requires a small distinction in this case. Your idea is to go out with friends for an evening, for example among clubs? Then choose a nice straight and fitted dress. It will give you that touch of sensuality and charm ideal for an evening out. Alternatively, if your evenings are dedicated to the disco, and therefore hours of dancing, it is better to opt for a baby-doll dress, so you can dance without too many hindrances as well as being comfortable. If you want, with this outfit, you can pull off dizzying heels!

Wedge sandals

More and more in vogue, wedge sandals, in addition to slim the female figure, are also practical because they allow you to combine them with rather different outfits. They go well with long dresses to give a few examples, just as they can find an excellent combination with rather tight jeans. Or again, the combination with the skirt is very interesting. It does not matter whether it is long or short. They will always look good. Finally, these years’ true fashion looks pretty good even if you decide to wear shorts.

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