What colour goes best with mint green

What colour goes best with mint green

The mint color is one of those shades that never go out of style. If you think about it, you have been seeing it for years either in decoration, in fashion as the perfect color for dresses, shoes or accessories, or in practically anything else such as notebooks, book covers or furniture. In recent years it has become especially fashionable, so you can not do without having it in your wardrobe. Here, we explain What colour goes best with mint green.

What colour goes best with mint green?

Mint green is a fairly light and soft shade of green, which above all makes it possible to create very feminine and romantic looks.

To enhance that naive touch, you can go for the mint green in flowing dresses and delicate fabric skirts.

Try combining it with pastel colors and with elements such as shirts with romantic motifs, cardigans and ballerinas for a more youthful and beautiful look.

The basic colors such as black, white or gray, also fit well with the mint color, because they are always safe bets and that is very difficult to fail.

And if you like the mint color but the naive look is not your thing, do not despair, there are also options for you: you will only have to bet on more daring elements and more daring colors when combining the mint color.

Mix mint with bold, bold colors, such as coral, orange-reds, or even radiant orchid, for a clash of colors that lowers the romantic touch of mint.

You can also bet on mixing the mint color with more daring elements, such as leather or jeans, to reduce its romantic touch.


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