What to wear with biker shorts?

Biker shorts should only be worn when you’re doing active things. They should not be worn as pants to the mall or grocery store. If you wear them while just standing up and talking to people, for example, it looks like you forgot to put on real pants over your underwear.

What to wear with biker shorts?

There are a lot of great clothes that can match biker shorts. They look great with sneakers and flip-flops or loafers and socks. In other words, they go well as workout clothes as well as for lounging around the house. Here are some ideas:

1) T-shirts

Wear T-shirts with your biker shorts. You can wear a plain white or black t-shirt for everyday activities, or an athletic shirt if you’re going to the mall to shop. If you’re wearing them as workout clothes, it’s best to wear short sleeved shirts; this will prevent you from getting too sweaty and smelly. Read also: How to stretch polyester shirt?

2) Joggers

Biker shorts go very well with joggers. This is a great combination for people who want to play sports but also relax around the house. If you’re just sitting down talking to friends, it’s okay to wear t-shirts or casual buttoned shirts, but if you plan on playing basketball or football with your friends, joggers and a t-shirt or a sweatshirt will be more suitable.

3) Shorts

Wearing biker shorts with regular shorts is also a good idea. Dressy, ironed shorts look nice and formal when paired with well-fitted biker shorts. However, don’t wear too much ironing on your outfit; keep it casual so you don’t look like you’re trying to hard.

4) Tank tops

Tank tops are also another great option. The tank top can easily be worn underneath a button up shirt or sweatshirt, which is good for people who aren’t comfortable wearing just shorts and a t-shirt in public (it’s okay to be self-conscious!). Just make sure the tank top isn’t too loose; it should fit your body well so it looks more fitted.

5) Dress shirts/Polos

If you’re willing to wear a dress shirt with your biker shorts, make sure it’s fitted and ironed. You can either leave the top two buttons open or keep them all buttoned; either way will look good and allow people to see your chest (if you do decide to button up all the buttons, make sure you don’t wear an undershirt; this will make it look like you forgot to take the tag off).

6) Sweaters and sweatshirts

Wearing a sweater with your biker shorts is great if it’s cold outside, but you can also wear them during the spring and fall. Just make sure to only put on one layer; don’t go overboard and try to put two or three sweaters at once. This just makes you look like you’re trying to hard again.

7) Hoodies

You can also wear a hoodie with your biker shorts. Make sure you don’t have too much going on, though; you only need the hoodie and your biker shorts to look great. Anything else is just too fussy and will make it look like you’re trying too hard again. Discover also: Does polyester stretch

8) Cargo pants or shorts

You can wear cargo pants or shorts with your biker shorts as well. This is good for people who want to go hiking, biking, or do other outdoor activities. Just make sure they’re not too tight; if they are, it will look like you’re wearing your workout clothes as your actual clothing and will look inappropriate in public.

So, there you have it: some tips on what to wear with biker shorts. Just remember that if the outfit doesn’t look right and you’re not comfortable wearing it out in public, don’t do it! It’s okay to be self conscious- everyone is at one point or another. Just try to stay confident and positive and you’ll be able to wear anything you want.

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