What to see in death valley

What to see in death valley

Death valley is a place where many tourists come to explore the surroundings. It has an excellent place for sightseeing and it is very beautiful with its deserts and mountains. The best part of death valley is that there are so many things to see in Death Valley which makes everyone crazy about seeing all of them at least once in their lifetime. So here is the list of some amazing things to see in death valley.

What to see in death valley?

1. Badwater Basin

Badwater basin is one of the most important parts of death valley because it gets its name from this place it looks like a black pool, but if you get closer then you will find out that there are no black rocks and it is just a pool of salt water. It looks very similar to the surface of the sun. So this place attracts many people to see it.

2. Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point is also named as Devil’s golf course because at night time from this point, you can view different types of rocks which looks like there are golf courses. So many people come here to see this amazing thing of nature.

3. Dante’s view

Dante’s view is at a distance of 5 miles from Zabriskie point and it is one of the best things to see in death valley because you can have a very beautiful view of Death Valley from there.

4. Golden Canyon

Golden canyon is near to the edge of death valley and it is famous among people not only because it looks beautiful but there are many rocks which are gold color, so you can also see different types of golden rocks in this canyon if you look carefully. It is said that there are 8 million tones of gold in this canyon.

5. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Mesquite flat sand dunes are another important place to see in death valley because the best thing about it is these sand dunes move one inch every year so you can also watch this movement of sands which is not possible anywhere in the world.

6. Telescope Peak

Telescope Peak is the highest point of death valley and it is also named as Hidden Mountain because there are no trees here, but the view from here is very famous among tourists because you can see all around this place.

7. Eureka Dunes

Eureka dunes are one of the most popular tourist spots in Death valley because it is so beautiful and people want to visit at least once in their lifetime.

8. Devil’s Cornfield

Devil’s cornfield is also known as Sand sea because there are no plants here, but it looks like a desert. It is said that this place was covered by water many years ago which evaporated because of the lack of rain.

9. Mosaic Canyon

Mosaic Canyon is another beautiful part of death valley where you can find different types of rocks which are looking very attractive because these rocks have different colors on their surface.

10. Salt Creek Nature Trail

Salt creek nature trail is also called as an oasis in the desert because it has a small pool of water where many animals come to drink water.

11. Mustard Gorge

Mustard gorge is another important place to visit death valley because it is also called as Golden chasm, there are cliffs on both sides of this gorge which makes it look very attractive.

So these are some of the best places to see in death valley which you must visit once.

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