Three Types of Wood Commonly Used Today

Wood has been used by humans for thousands of years – since the days of early man, it was a way to keep warm when used as kindling, as well as being burned for different types of fires by our ancestors, who appealed to deities and communicated with them through fires such as need fires. People have also used wood to build strong and sturdy buildings and later on, ships which were used to explore the world, and bring goods all around the world.

Today, we still use wood for many things – from buildings like these oak garages to furniture, as well as things like our garden fences and planters. The types of wood used for making things have various different properties, so some are better suited to certain uses. Here are some of the most commonly used woods today…

Oak – This strong woods’ from a well loved British tree has been used for centuries. The oak tree is associated with strength and endurance, as well as being believed to protect the home from lightening strikes. The black and white Tudor buildings which we are familiar with in market towns are usually constructed from oak which shows how well it lasts and its strength. It is a strong and well loved wood, and as well as being used in building and construction it is also a favourite with smokeries for chesses and meats and of course for distilling whiskey and wines.

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Ash – These beautiful trees grow very tall, appearing to reach high into the heavens. For this reason, it is believed that the world tree, Yggdrasil was an ash tree, with its roots deeply planted in the underworld and its branches reaching to the heavens, it was said to be the centre of the whole universe in Norse mythology. Ash wood is enjoyed by carpenters as it is easy to work with and versatile, often used in furniture and interior design. Sadly, ash trees in the UK are facing the threat of ash dieback, a fungal disease which risks the lives of the trees themselves as well as the wildlife that they support.

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Pine – There are many types of pine tree all around the world, but the only tree native to the UK is the Scots Pine. Standing tall and proud, often on top of a hilltop, pine trees represent wisdom and the ability to see clearly, both how far you have come and what you have to achieve still. Pine wood is very commonly used in carpentry as it is easily available and relatively inexpensive yet is a very versatile wood. Furniture is one of the main uses of pine wood, but it is also used in joinery as well as for roofing. To see Scot’s pine trees in all their glory, visit the Scottish pine forests in the winter – these evergreen trees still look splendid when others have lost their leaves.

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