Why you should Choose a Visitor Management System UK for your Premises.

Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Care Homes, Prisons and other potentially vulnerable sites can now be better protected with the easy installation of a Visitor Management System UK.  This technologically advanced Computer System developed, tried and tested by an experienced, reputable company such as https://www.ofec.co.uk/visitor-management-system-uk can easily be installed onto a mobile phone, I-Pad, Laptop or Desktop Computer.  Stringent General Data Protection Regulations are complied with completely so that all personal details are confidential and secure.  Long gone are the old days of hand-written Visitor entries where human mistakes were inevitable, now state-of-the-art computer technology ensures a foolproof system.  Futuristic, yet simple to install, this system allows any individual’s Identity to not only be stored safely but to be transformed into a badge that can be clearly visible to any other staff member Student or visitor on the site.

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Even in the event of an emergency on the site, all personnel details are easily transported to the evacuation point where staff, students and visitors can all be checked to make sure everyone is accounted for.

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This State-of-the-Art, futuristic System has many other capabilities already programmed in, not only used for Staff, Students, Visitors and Contractors to sign in and out. This Smart application can be used to write arrivals and departures messages, badge printing, staff fob scanning, email notifications to staff and many other very useful operations.

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