Almond nails: how to make them and ideas

Almond nails

The nails almendradas are one of the most sophisticated and practical trends of the year. Striking but elegant, the almond style came to replace traditional nails with sharper or square shapes, since the latter are more difficult to care for. On the other hand, almond nails noticeably improve the appearance of the fingers, because they soften the lines and, visually, make them look longer.

Three other interesting advantages: the almond shape strengthens the nails, as they stay wide at the base and are easier to keep long because the sides are less prone to impact and wear.


  • How to make almond nails
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  • Almond Nail Ideas

How to make almond nailsAlmond nails

Almond nails are so named because they have the exact shape of an almond, that is, rounded and wide at the base and only slightly narrower at the edge, which ends in a fairly smooth and slightly angled tip.

Learning how to file almond nails requires a little practice and patience to avoid deforming or filing them more than is convenient. Therefore, we recommend you follow our recommendations and you will have beautiful natural almond nails.

  • Wash your hands very well and leave your nails clean.
  • Dry them and, with cotton wool soaked in a remover, remove any traces of paint or enamel.
  • Mark a point at the uppermost end of the free edge of the nail. You can do it with a pencil or other material that does not leave many traces.
  • With a good quality file, remove the ends of the nail, go from one side of the free edge to the center. Repeat on the other side.
  • Try not to get too pointy. Like an almond, the transition from the base to the other end is smooth and rounded, unlike stiletto nails or pointed nails.
  • Remember to smooth both sides well to avoid any wear or sharp edge.
  • Almond nails: how to make them and ideas – How to make almond nails

Types of almond nailsAlmond nails

Basically, there are two types of almond nails: long and short. The almendradas Long nails are very common among celebrities because stylize hands and are striking without actually stealing all the attention. If you have an office job or do not do demanding housework, these nails are ideal for you. You just have to be more careful not to damage them and do a maintenance manicure regularly.

The almendradas short nails are not as sophisticated as above. In addition, you should bear in mind that, although they are short, they must still have an adequate length to give the shape of an almond. If you have the very short, remember that some specialists recommend using other nail shapes such as round and oval as they grow, and then file to achieve incredible almond nails.

In any case, short almond nails are quite useful, as it is very difficult to damage them. Thus, you will have beautiful hands at all times, thanks to its resistance.

Almond Nail IdeasAlmond nails

If you already have your almond-shaped nails, then the time has come to waste your creativity. The shape of the almond nail is discreet enough to play around with them a bit without looking too ornate. Check out some of our almond nail design suggestions.

Nude almond nails

Do you not want to apply any color or effect? Then just cover them with glitter or a matte finish clear nail polish and your nails are ready to go. We recommend them for those moments of tranquility and little work since you will always keep them impeccable.

French almond nails

This type of nail has a free enough edge to apply a classic French. Your hands will look discreet and elegant as for a wedding, a graduation ceremony or an office presentation. Do you want to make them more striking? So do a French manicure with a different color than white.

Neutral colored almond nails

If you don’t have time to do your manicure every week, then gel polish is for you. They last at least two weeks. During that time, the nails maintain color and a shiny appearance. For example, you can choose red almond nails and wear them for several days.

Decorated almond nails

One of the best ways to show off your almond nails is by taking advantage of its unique shape to show off original designs that will highlight your style. You can make some French nails in the shape of a heart or paint them in two tones and with vertical lines that help to lengthen their appearance. Also, since its base is wide, you can make designs on the top of the nail. Visit our gallery to see more ideas!

Discover How to Make a gradient on the nails by clicking on the link and use your favorite colors to create gradient designs on your almond nails.

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