Types of heels and shape

Many are women who love heels. Whether to look taller, slender or because of the occasion warrants. We share the types of heels with its style.

What we sometimes do not know is that there are many options when talking about heels, and knowing it may help us look better and be more comfortable.

We will first explain the heel according to its height and then we will go to its classification according to its shape.

Types of heels with shape

High heel:Types of heels

Exceeds 7 centimeters tall. They help stylize the figure and, visually, make the legs look longer. They are ideal to wear long dresses and for occasions that merit it. Take into account that you should know how to walk with them. They are not recommended for long days of standing, because they tire a lot. It is is the most used types of heels.

Stiletto or stiletto heel:Types of heels

Exceeds 9 centimeters tall. They are usually quite tall. Its name is due to the resemblance it has with a sharp-pointed dagger. Visually they look beautiful, very glamorous and help stylize the figure. It is considered basic in the wardrobe of women. Take into account that they are a little more difficult to carry.

Mid-heel:Types of heels

It is the one we usually find in shoes such as boots, booties, and sandals. They are very common. They do not exceed 7 centimeters, so they are quite comfortable. This provides versatility. You can take them to the office and an after office.

Low heel:Types of heels

They are comfortable and they are still elegant. They give a feminine touch, enhance the figure but remain more comfortable. This option favors very tall women who do not wish to climb stiletto heels.

Platform heels:Types of heels

In addition to the heel, they include sole elevation. This brings comfort and stability to whoever wears it. They can be found from 3 centimeters in height onwards. You can wear them both night and day. Everything will depend on the model you choose.


According to heel shape

Kitten:Types of heels

A hybrid between the stiletto and the low heel. It is perfect for workdays or women looking for comfort. It is a low heel but quite elegant.

Cone:Types of heels

They are high heels, but it differs from stilettos by its shape. This is thicker and, as the name implies, it ends up being an inverted cone. It is more comfortable and can be found in different models of footwear. It is not as elegant as a stiletto heel, but if you are looking for something high and comfortable it is a good option.

Square:Types of heels

Perfect for a casual look. Being a thick heel, it is quite comfortable. He is found a lot in sandals and they look very cute. They work to take to the office or for a casual departure. They are found in different materials.

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The heel on a complete and followed platform, from the heel to the toe. They are very stable and represent an option for those who want to add height without sacrificing comfort. They are more casual, but it is found in various models or different materials.

Cuban:Types of heels

It is short, short and thick. It differs in shape because it is thicker at the base and less at the sole and with a slight inclination inward. This is the type of heel that we usually find in ankle boots and summer sandals.

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