What shoes to wear with joggers?

What shoes to wear with joggers

Joggers are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with a number of different shoe styles. From sneakers to boots and everything in between, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to shoes for joggers. Here are some ideas for what shoes you can wear with your jogger pants:

What shoes to wear with joggers?

You can wear joggers with a variety of shoe styles. You can opt for sneakers, boots or ballet flats. There are also sandals and flip-flops that go well with joggers as well. It’s all about finding the right pair for you!


Sneakers are a great choice for joggers, as they’re comfortable, casual, and can be worn with a variety of other clothing items. You can even make them more formal by wearing them with dress pants or chinos. If you like sneakers but don’t want to wear them all the time, then just stick with one pair in black (or any other color).


If you’re feeling like boots are the shoe for you, but want to know how to wear them with joggers, we’ve got your back. Just keep in mind that some kinds of boots look better with certain types of joggers. Some boots can also be worn with jeans!

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a great choice for casual outfits. They’re comfortable and versatile, so they can be paired with all kinds of looks. And they’re an easy way to dress up joggers!

Ballet flats are perfect if you want to go out and run errands or take a stroll around town. They’re also great for traveling because they won’t set off metal detectors at the airport. So if you’re planning a trip, consider packing a pair of ballet shoes in your suitcase (and don’t forget your leggings).


Sandals are an excellent option if you’re looking to wear joggers in the summer. They can be worn with most types of joggers and allow you to show off your feet (which we all know is a good thing!). When choosing sandals, make sure the material is breathable so that your feet don’t get too hot. This will also prevent bacteria from building up on your shoes, which could lead to foot odor or infection. Sandals are versatile enough that they can be worn both casually and dressy depending on the occasion and outfit.


The best advice for choosing shoes to go with joggers is to match them to the style of your pants. If you’re wearing tapered sweatpants, sporty sneakers like Vans or New Balance will work well. If you want a more casual look with your joggers, try a pair of Chucks or Converse All-Stars—these can be dressed up or down depending on what else you’re wearing. When it comes time to wear your joggers with booties though, we recommend staying away from anything too high on the ankle because the bulkiness could ruin the silhouette of this outfit altogether!

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