What socks to wear with vans?

What socks to wear with vans

So you’ve got a new pair of Vans. What socks should you wear with them? This is a great question and one that we’ve been asked quite often at VanSocks.com. We’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll explore six different types of socks that are perfect for wearing with your Vans sneakers: no-show, colorful crew, white crew, athletic and ankle socks. We’ll also share some tips on how to choose the right pair(s).

No-show socks

No-show socks are a great choice for wearing with Vans. They keep your feet warm and comfortable, and they’re low-cut enough to stay hidden beneath the ankle of the shoe. No-show socks come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find ones that match your personal style. They also come in different materials, such as cotton, wool or polyester.

Colorful crew socks

You can wear colorful crew socks with your Vans. There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing this type of sock with your shoes. First, you’ll want to avoid wearing them with black or gray shoes, as that would be too much color contrast. Second, you’ll also want to wear ankle-high socks that match each other rather than one black and one white pair. Thirdly, if you’re going for a more casual look, try wearing simple colors like blue or yellow—these colors go well together and will complement the rest of your outfit nicely!

White crew socks

White crew socks are the most versatile. They can be worn with just about any shoe, from Vans to a pair of high-top boots and everything in between. If you’re looking for socks that will go with anything, white crew socks are the way to go. They also come in so many different colors and patterns that there’s something for everyone!

In addition to being great for wearing with vans, they’re also perfect if you want some extra warmth on your toes during cold months or even some ventilation on hot days (we all know how uncomfortable it can get!).

Athletic socks

Athletic socks are great for wearing with sneakers, boots and sandals.

These are made of synthetic materials and come in many colors and patterns. They’re also durable and comfortable on your feet because they have plenty of cushioning in the footbed area to provide support.

Ankle socks

We’ll start with the most versatile of socks. An ankle sock is great for wearing with cruisers, skate shoes and boots because it’s not too long and not too short. Ankle socks also pair well with loafers, as they stay in place better than longer socks when you tighten them up if your shoes are tighter on your feet.

Ankle socks come in a variety of materials and styles: cotton, wool or blends such as merino wool or cashmere; ribbed or plain; low cut (mid-calf) or high cut (above the knee). They can be knitted together to form patterns like argyles but are usually solid colors so they will match any shoe they come across!

Final selection

No-show socks are the best option for Vans. No-shows are socks that sit under your Vans and don’t show when you’re wearing them. This is because they’ve been designed to be very thin and flat, so they won’t bunch up and cause a bulge at the bottom of your shoe. They also tend to be made out of cotton or wool, which helps them stay on better than synthetic fabric.

White crew socks are another popular choice for Vans, especially in summer months when you might want something a little cooler than regular athletic socks. Some people prefer ankle length white crew socks, while others opt for midcalf length or above-the-ankle white crew socks…


There are lots of different ways to wear your vans. The most popular way is to just wear them with jeans or sweatpants, but there are other options too! You can also try wearing them with shorts or tights if you want something more stylish.

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