What to wear with a white skirt?

What to wear with a white skirt

When it comes to what to wear with a white skirt, I’m always torn. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of options—there are! It’s just that many of them don’t work with the silhouette of a white skirt. That’s because with any type of dress or skirt, you want your outfit to create a balanced shape. This means pairing something light (like white) with darker elements (like black) and vice versa: dark tops with lighter bottoms and vice versa.

What to wear with a white skirt

So before you shop for an outfit for your next date night out or girls’ night in, take a look at these suggestions for what to wear with a white skirt that will help you feel confident no matter where life takes you:

White skirt with a black top

A black top is a classic, and can be worn with any color skirt or pants. You should always have at least one black item in your closet for versatility. A white or grey top will also look great with a white skirt, but you’ll want to pay attention to the cut of the top and make sure it’s not too short so it doesn’t show up under your skirt.

White skirt with a warm-toned top

When wearing a white skirt, avoid wearing a top that contrasts with the skirt in terms of color. Instead, choose a top that is similar to your skin tone or has some other quality that unites the two pieces together. While it’s important not to match too closely (that would look like you’re wearing pajamas), it’s equally important not to create an awkward visual disconnect by pairing a bright-colored top with an all-white outfit. Here are some options for choosing tops that complement your white skirt:

Choose something with either the same hue as your skin or one of its variations—for example, light pink or peach rather than red so as not to clash with the white hue of the skirt itself.* Select neutral colors such as black, gray or navy blue because they can be worn year round without worrying about them going out of style.* Consider choosing browns and tans if there aren’t any other color options available at thrift stores where you shop; these earthy hues provide an easy way for anyone else looking at your ensemble from afar (including potential partners!)

White skirt with a pastel-colored top

This spring, pastel colors are all the rage. So you can’t go wrong if you choose to wear a pastel top with your white skirt for a fresh look. To add some color and make your outfit stand out even more, try wearing yellow shoes or accessories that match the color of your top. For example, if your top is light blue, choose white shoes with blue soles or maybe a purse with yellow trimming.

White skirt with an animal print tank

If you’re in the market for a new white skirt, consider pairing it with one of our animal print tank tops. The look is sure to turn heads and make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

A white tank top is also an excellent complement to a white skirt when paired with other colors such as black or gray.

White skirt with a chambray shirt

A chambray shirt is a classic and versatile piece. It can be worn with many different colors, including white. A white skirt and a chambray shirt are both neutral pieces that will match well together, especially if you keep your other accessories minimal.

A chambray shirt can also be used to create a variety of outfits for different occasions. For example, if you wear it with jeans or slacks for work then you should add some color (e.g., a scarf or belt) so that it doesn’t look too plain; however, if you’re planning on wearing a dress instead then this would probably not be necessary since dresses already have plenty of color added to them already!

Wear your white skirt and feel confident

White skirts are an excellent way to show off your legs, so pull out your favorite pair of heels and get ready to feel confident. White skirts can be worn with almost anything, making them a great piece of clothing to add color to your wardrobe. They look great for work or play and are easy to dress up or down depending on what you’re doing that day. So go ahead—get that white skirt out from under the bed where it’s been hiding all these years!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the many ways to wear your white skirt. It’s a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down depending on what kind of occasion you’re going for, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors! Remember: no matter what you choose, always remember that confidence is key.

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