Six Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Periods

There are some things you will do, but it will be adding to the discomfort you feel when you’re on your period. This is why you should be avoiding them.

Periods are usually known for their mood swings as well as causing some pain and discomfort, but there are some specific steps you can carry out to ease the symptoms and things you should avoid doing to make those days bearable. In this article from aus online pokies, we will be listing out a few things you shouldn’t be doing when you’re on your period.

Giving In To Salt Cravings

On a normal day, taking foods with high salt content is not necessarily good. This is even more exaggerated during your periods, as they can make your cramps worse. It may cause severe bloating and increase the discomfort you’ll feel for the day.

Drinking Lots Of Coffee

Drinking lots of coffee is one of the worst things you can do to yourself when you’re menstruating. High caffeine content can also increase the level of pain you’ll feel and also contribute to breast tenderness. Even if you’re craving caffeine, you should reduce your intake of coffee during your periods, but you can play games from casino francais.

Wearing The Same Sanitary Product All Day

It won’t matter if you’re using a sanitary pad or a tampon, wearing the same product for over 4 to 6 hours will only prove to breed ground for bacteria, and that will only lead to a bad odour. Doing so is also more likely to cause skin rashes and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Unprotected Sex

Well, unless you’re ready or you have to start a family on your mind, then you can have unprotected sex during your periods. Having sex when you’re menstruating is a normal thing, but you should always ensure to have a protected one, as it is a way to avoid STDs. You should always practice safe sex in order to avoid infections and STDs, you wouldn’t want that.


Although we all know that smoking is already dangerous for our health, we still do it anyways. However, it is important for women to avoid smoking during their period as they will be increasing the pain you’ll feel at the time.

Sleeping Without A Pad

Sleeping without a pad has always been comfortable and pleasurable on any other normal day, but doing that during your period is a bad idea. If you’re trying to avoid the rashes and discomfort it might cause, then you should consider switching brands or wearing a menstrual cup. But you shouldn’t be sleeping without wearing a sanitary product to control the flow.

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