Staying Healthy – Exercise for the Winter Months to Help your Body and Your Mind

During the winter it is important to stay healthy – this year in particular with respiratory illnesses as well as Covid in the mix, taking care of our bodies is something that we should all make sure that we do. Taking vitamins during these months is a good idea, particularly vitamin D which we mainly get from the sun, so in the winter taking a supplement of it will ensure we keep our levels topped up. Eating healthily is also important at this time of the year – fresh seasonal vegetables and plenty of fruit will help to keep your body fit and healthy over the winter.

Cutting back on things that are bad for you is also something that your body will benefit from – smoking and drinking alcohol both have many negative health implications on the body and now is a great time to quit or cut back on these things.

Something else that we should do during the winter is exercise – although it is tempting to stay snuggled up indoors, exercise is important for both physical and mental health, so here are a few ways to up your exercise levels this winter and get yourself in good shape and feeling good…

Swimming – This is a great exercise to give all of your muscles a good workout and if you have mobility problems it can be a good way to help and exercise muscles as the water can help to support the body. Whether you want to improve your stroke and take up swimming classes or try something water based such as aqua aerobics, swimming is a fun sport for all skill levels, and learning to swim and having water confidence is also a valuable life skill.

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Walking – Although the weather outside may be frightful, walking is a great way to boost your physical and mental health and finding a place to walk in the natural world will also help you to lower your stress levels. Being around nature is a great way to boost your mental health, and the woodlands and countryside in the winter are beautiful. Winter walks when the trees are bare allow you to see birds like Goshawks, that are usually unseen in the summer due to the leaf cover and admire the frosty mornings and the dew in the spiders’ webs. It is also a good reason to treat yourself to some new outerwear like this Superdry menswear from to wrap up cosy and warm in.

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Yoga – This is an exercise that can be done indoors and has lots of benefits. As well as helping physically by stretching out the muscles and improving posture, yoga is also a good way to help mental health too. It teaches you how to breathe and allows the mind to be calmer, quieter and more restful. If you want an exercise that has benefits for your mind as well as your body, this is definitely the one for you.

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