The 17 most beautiful redhead actress in Hollywood

redhead actress

Having red hair has become increasingly rare. One of those things you notice when walking on the street. Whether they are natural red hair or simply dyed, it is impossible not to be attracted and hypnotized by such a particular coloring. In Italy, only 0.58% of people have red hair, while in Scotland, Ireland and the Russian region of Kazan it even reaches 10%. Today we talk about the beautiful redhead actress in Hollywood.

In medieval times, red hair was synonymous with bestial sexual desire and moral degeneration, while in countries like India, Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan, saffron and henna are used to give hair a light red color as a symbol of youth.

The charm of red hair increases when to show off are famous models or actresses who have marked the history of cinema, we look at their photos.

The most beautiful redhead actress in Hollywood

Julia Robertsredhead actress

Julia Roberts, one of the highest-paid actresses of all time has always sported gorgeous red hair, with a bright smile, has fascinated us for years, and continues to this day, even if we don’t see her so much on the big screen. She is one of the beautiful redhead actress in Hollywood.

Emma Watsonredhead actress

Harry Potter’s partner surprised us when he was 11 years old in the English college full of magic. She is very cultured and elegant, as well as being in love with fashion. He never abandoned this color which, by the way, never went unnoticed.

Emma Stoneredhead actress

The film “La La Land” has dedicated this young American actress to absolute success, although her career can boast films with Woody Allen. His refinement is his best weapon. Red fits them perfectly.

Jessica Chastainredhead actress

One of the actresses of the moment, she is a convinced feminist and has often faced the problem of gender equality, racial equality, and discrimination of women in Hollywood. Red increases its charm, as well as enhancing its clear complexion.

Julianne Mooreredhead actress

Regarded as one of the best Hollywood performers with her 56 years, she has never given up on her natural red hair, combined with a fantastic clear and freckled skin.

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Amy Adamsredhead actress

Red gives it so much that it seems to be its natural color. In reality, the American actress is blonde. He decided to get dyed when he started casting and his luck changed. From that moment on it has never returned to its natural color.

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Tilda Swintonredhead actress

Scottish origins don’t lie about the London actress. During her career, she also walked the catwalks as a model and then became an actress in the mid-80s. Also winning an Oscar for best-supporting actress in 2008 with the film Micheal Clayton. She another beautiful redhead actress.

Geri Halliwellredhead actress

After ending the Spice Girls experience in 1998, he attempted a solitary experience writing four albums. Everyone will remember her for being the Ginger Spice, a nickname obviously due to her bright red color.

Nicole Kidmanredhead actress

Although she is a natural blonde, Nicole Kidman we remember her in certain more sensual photos with red hair. As in the music video with Robbie Williams “Something stupid” of 2001.

Susan Sarandonredhead actress

With her 72 years, Susan Sarandon always maintains her charm as a great Hollywood actress. The Oscar winner in 1995 for best actress thanks to “Dead Man Walking” has always been a symbol and a model for her fantastic and very natural red hair.

Eva Greenredhead actress

The Parisian is known above all for playing the character of Isabelle in the film “The Dreamers – The dreamers” and the Bond girl in “Agent 007 – Casino Royale” (2006), as well as for being a long time testimonial in the TV commercials of the Breil brand. Its magnetic looks and the folds with red hair make it an above-average beauty.

Sophie Turnerredhead actress

10 years have passed since Sophie Turner began to play Sansa Stark, the protagonist of the most viewed TV series “Game of Thrones”. In the series, the actress has grown over the seasons, always maintaining one characteristic: red hair.

Sadie Sinkredhead actress

The protagonist of one of the most popular TV series of the moment, Stranger Things, Sadie Sink is a young actress of only 17 years old. She said she was vegan in a recent interview after meeting Woody Harrelson with whom she shot The Glass Castle.

Molly Ringwaldredhead actress

Her multifaceted career, from the actress to the writer, to singer and finally dancer, has always had a common thread: her red hair in tow.

Rita Hayworthredhead actress

Among the most beautiful and seductive women in the history of cinema, Rita Hayworth remains in the collective imagination as the bursting and tempting “Gilda”, a character who successfully brought to the screen in the 1946 film of the same name, but who confined her to the stereotypical role of pin-up, thus blurring his interpreting skills.

Marcia Crossredhead actress

The wonderful Marcia Cross, known primarily for the role of Bree Van de Kamp in the acclaimed television series Desperate Housewives – The Secrets of Wisteria Lane.

Cynthia Nixonredhead actress

the famous Miranda in the Sex And The City series. During his career, he has won several awards including 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2 Emmys, 2 Tony, a Grammy and a GLAAD Media Award and received 5 Golden Globe nominations.

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