Wedding hairstyle for curly hair: all the trends

Wedding hairstyle for curly hair: all the trends

With or without the veil, on the wedding day, the hair will be the protagonists of the look together, of course, with the bridal makeup, which must be in full harmony. And just as it will be necessary to make a final decision between the wide choice of wedding dresses before finding the perfect one. Even the bridal hairstyle is a detail that surely will not have to go into the background. Choosing the most suitable one can become a real dilemma! We offer you a selection made to measure for you, marries all curls and whims!

Bridal hairstyles for curly hair based on your faceWedding hairstyle for curly hair: all the trends

How many times have we fallen in love with a particular cut or hairstyle? But then the result on our hair turned out to be different from what we expected? Despite the fact that personal taste must be the first factor to be taken into consideration.It must be remembered that, just as the dress must adapt to our body, the hairstyle must also respect the shape and features of our face. Very often, however, those with curly or wavy hair tend to opt for a bridal hairstyle for loose hair to feel “okay” when in reality it can range between various types, such as a semi-collected bridal hairstyle, without necessarily having to please.

What types of hairstyles can be performed on curly hair?Wedding hairstyle for curly hair: all the trends

Before choosing what will be the combination for the wedding day, it is essential to carefully hydrate and take care of the curly hair with products that contrast frizz and dryness. In the period before the wedding, it is therefore advisable to frequently make compresses to restore elasticity and brightness to the curls.

Now let’s focus on the types of hairstyles for those with curly hair, they are really many. Depending on the volume that the hedgehog has, it is possible to develop different types of hairstyles, from those with a natural effect to more complex ones. The hedgehog gives a sense of freedom that never makes the figure too static, therefore, whatever hairstyle you choose, it is always lively.

The most trendy hairstyles for curly hairWedding hairstyle for curly hair: all the trends

For those with curly hair and who love a natural, light and unrestricted style, the trendy hairstyles of 2020 suggest semi-gathered or side wedding hairstyles that let a few tufts drop and create discreet volumes.

If you want to opt for bridal hairstyles for long hair, for example, the fan is certainly wider, you can, in fact, play with sophisticated weaves and with applications of flowers and clasps. Those who have short hair can opt for headbands and hats with a slightly vintage and classy touch.

With curly hair better a crop/seeds collected or loose?

The hairstyle must always be in tune with the bride’s features and face, but also with her personality. The other factors that must be taken into account are the dress and style of the ceremony. These are the main elements that allow you to develop the ideal hairstyle that will make the bride flawless.
If you are not convinced enough and still have some small doubts, do not hesitate to ask your hairstylist for questions and to ask for more test sessions for the wedding day hairstyle.

Remember that the bridal look will not be complete until you have also decided what your bridal bouquet will be; another element that will denote the character and style of the wedding. From which you can draw inspiration to adorn not only your hairstyle. For example with a delicate floral composition to be applied to a diadem or a tiara. But also for the accessories of your bridesmaids, like a corsage to be combined with a formal dress or a small crown. Flowers are a fundamental detail, be careful to choose the right ones!

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