The limitations of off the shelf curtains

The curtains in your home play a role in the interior design and appearance of the space. They offer privacy and also provide functional benefits. However when it comes to choosing the type of curtain for your windows you may find yourself overwhelmed with options.

Opting for ready made curtains can be a cost effective choice especially if you are on a tight budget or have limited time. These curtains are typically designed to fit standard window sizes and come in a range of colours, fabrics and patterns to suit any style. Additionally they are usually available at a lower price compared to custom made curtains and offer easier return options if you are dissatisfied.

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However, one disadvantage of off the shelf curtains is their lack of versatility compared to bespoke ones. They are manufactured in standard lengths which may not always be suitable for your space or window frame. If you have a window with unusual dimensions, you might need to buy two sets of curtains and sew them together or use a rod extender to make them fit. However this can become costly.

Another downside of ready made curtains is that they often lack personalisation and intricate details. Traditional home decor often relies on heavier drapery fabric and pleated headings, which are not commonly found in off the shelf options. Only custom made curtains allow you to select the exact fabric and details that match your desired look for your space. To find out about Curtain Makers London, contact The Boys Who Sew, professional Curtain Makers London.

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Moreover, purchasing off the shelf curtains can be risky because they are typically designed for a mass market. This means they may have quality issues like fraying or pilling that are not always evident when viewing sample curtains in stores. Buying these curtains may not be cost effective as they might need replacement sooner than custom made ones.

Despite these limitations, ready made curtains remain a choice for homeowners seeking affordability and convenience.

If you’re in the market for curtains and have the luxury of time it’s advisable to opt for bespoke curtains to ensure they perfectly complement your space. However if convenience is your priority, off the shelf curtains are still an option for any room. Just make sure to measure your space and compare it with a sample before making your decision. By taking the steps to measure your space and select the curtains, you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years ahead.

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