What are the benefits of working in conveyancing?

A career in conveyancing can be extremely rewarding for a number of different reasons. So, if you have been considering your career options and you want to pursue a role that provides excellent job satisfaction, here are just a few reasons to consider conveyancing.

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Conveyancers help people

Buying or selling a property can be an extremely stressful process, but conveyancers can be there every step of the way to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Building relationships with clients is a huge part of the conveyancing role, which will suit those who enjoy interacting with others.

Conveyancing is a fast-paced and varied sector

As there are many moving parts that play a role in the property purchasing process and delays are common, conveyancing is a very fast-paced profession which suits people who enjoy being busy.

Conveyancers also enjoy plenty of variety within their role. So, you may be conducting ID checks and searches for one client, and then on the same day also providing lease extension cost info to a prospective leasehold property buyer who wants to factor the lease extension cost into their budget.

Conveyancers have clear paths for progression

As this GOV.UK article explains, with experience conveyancers can go on to manage a department, set up a private conveyancing business, or complete additional training to become a solicitor.

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Conveyancing provides an excellent work-life balance

While there will be times when the workload starts to build up, generally speaking conveyancers find it easy to maintain a good work-life balance. Conveyancers typically have working patterns that are flexible and leaving the office at a reasonable hour will be the norm rather than the exception. This is in stark contrast to many other roles within the legal profession where long and often unsociable hours are common.

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