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All humans need to play, but especially children who are developing. Play equipment that is diverse will help to improve motor skills, encourage children to take risks, conquer fears, and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Some places have listened and created a stimulating environment for play. They are the coolest playgrounds in the world, where boundless fun is possible.

Shelby Farms Park, in Memphis, USA, asked the children to give their input on how they would like to play. This resulted in a series of fascinating play nests, where children are encouraged to find opportunities to climb and slide, as well as scramble, run, and swing. The different areas are linked by an ivy covered walkway. There are climbing nets, treehouses, and other play nests. When you need Playgrounds Gloucester, visit

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The Lake Macquarie Variety Playground is a playground that caters to everyone. The playground is accessible to children with disabilities and those who are visually impaired. The playground includes accessible swings, musical equipment, a zipline, and a 30-foot spiral slide, among others. A definite winner for every child.

New York Hall of Science’s Science Playground is the largest of its type in the U.S. The playground includes a giant spider web climbing net and a giant seesaw. Each piece of equipment is designed for exploring motion, machines, and balance. This 60,000 square feet outdoor play area has room for everyone.

Try the Dutch equivalent at the Wallholla skyscraper playground. The playground was built to fit a lot of kids in a limited space. The wire mesh cage is divided into thin platforms that children can climb in and out at the same time. The product has been very popular in the U.S.

Zip World in Wales did incredible things with a Victorian slate mine. The mine has been transformed into a huge underground playground, with trampolines, bouncy nets and slides. Recently, they have introduced a session that allows younger children to also enjoy this cavern.

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St Louis City Museum is designed to be a play area for both kids and adults. You will find a variety of activities inside, including a giant treehouse and a 10-story spiral slide that takes you to the basement. There is also a 30-foot tall ferris wheel on the roof, as well as different airplanes you can climb into. It’s a museum that your children won’t complain about.

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