Types of wax for depilation

Types of wax for depilation

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There are many types of wax and each one must choose the one that they like or are most comfortable with. One of the best ways to find out what would be the best method for you would be to go to a beauty center, professionals will know what to advise you and what type is the most suitable for your type of hair, amount.

What are the types of wax for hair removal?

The types of wax that we can find are divided into 3 groups:

Type 1: warm waxTypes of wax for depilation

It is a wax that has become very fashionable, reaching a temperature slightly higher than that of our body, enough to open the pore without altering circulation or damaging capillaries, which is why it is recommended for people with varicose veins.

It is advisable for the depilation of half legs, whole legs and arms.

This wax is obtained through the mixture of different resins, and it is very easy to use, it is not necessary to go to any aesthetic center to do it.

The methods that we can use are with roll-on wax or with a spatula.

The fastest, cleanest and most advisable is the roll-on with which you only have to insert a wax cartridge into a special device that heats it, when heated, pass the device through the area and with the help of a band remove the product.

Type 2: hot waxTypes of wax for depilation

This wax is usually used more in beauty centers as it is usually the most effective . Being so hot makes the pore opens and the hair comes out better.

There is hot wax in many formats and they need a wax heater to dissolve. Then, with a spatula, take the product and spread it over the area, wait for it to cool down and jerk it off.

It is ideal for thick and unruly hair, such as the armpits and groins.

It is not recommended for use in people with poor circulation, varicose veins or skin problems.

Type 3: cold waxTypes of wax for depilation

This method is used by many of the people who shave at home.

It is done through paper hair removal bands that have the wax incorporated and are applied directly to the area to be waxed.

It is highly recommended for people who have circulatory problems.

The biggest downside to this method is that it makes waxing much more painful and hair grows much faster than the previous two.

Extra tips for hair removal

If when you shave the area is very inflamed, we advise you to take an aspirin an hour before, thus relieving the pain and avoiding inflammation.

There are also many creams that sleep the area and do not feel the pain.

Before waxing remember that the skin must be dry and clean, it is also advisable to exfoliate the skin from time to time and more before waxing, this way you will obtain better results.

Wearing a horsehair glove in the shower will also avoid your ingrown hairs and they will all be easier for the next waxing.

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