Shoes to wear with long skirts

Shoes to wear with long skirts

Every woman, as such, has in her wardrobe that garment considered in the 1970s as the main object of seduction: that is, the skirt. It can be of various sizes, shapes and lengths, but anyone has at least one. With this guide we would like to help women correctly match a skirt to shoes, focusing on the combination of styles and shapes, and focusing on how to enhance the physiognomy of the body. In the first part, we focus mainly on shoes to wear with long skirts.

Let’s start with some tips for the winter season. The colors on which to choose the combinations are black, brown and gray. For the professional style of an adult woman, choose a rigid skirt up to the knee that is not too tight; combine a pointed leather shoe with a medium heel and a black or brown opaque stocking. For a young and witty look, you can choose a woolen skirt above the knee, suede ankle boot and 30 denier socks in plain color or with small decorations. You can also choose a very short skirt during the day, as long as the stocking is medium opaque. The clear and transparent stocking, in this specific case, must be absolutely avoided and put aside, because it would only make a woman vulgar and also not very feminine and sensual.

Shoes to wear with long skirts

Shoes to wear with long skirts

Romantic skirt

If your style is sweet and romantic, the ideal is a fluttering skirt in all shades of pink in a light fabric like tulle and satin. The ideal length of this type of skirt is mid-leg. Such a spring-like fabric as tulle lends itself well to a skirt to wear in the afternoon, for a walk in the park or for tea with friends. The ideal shoe is the flat ballerina in canvas or imitation leather, in the same shade of pink as the skirt, and decorated with a nice bow, or a black ballerina in lace or patent leather. Dancers are not appreciated by all women, many of them say they find them uncomfortable and even not very feminine. However, it should be noted that if they are chosen with style and criteria, they will certainly make a good impression.

Long skirt

In spring or summer, the possibilities are many. To create a casual but simple style for an afternoon outing, we can choose between a knee-high skirt that is soft on the hips and wavy on the thigh, or a skirt just above the knee with a hint of a balloon effect on the hips. If your legs are long and tapered, you can combine both skirts with a high heel shoe that wraps around the ankle, but in a neutral color such as beige, antique pink or hazelnut, so as not to be too flashy. If, on the other hand, you have thicker legs and important calves, it is better to opt for a low sandal, possibly without an ankle strap, since it tends to make the ankles seem larger, for optical effect. If you want to make your leg look slimmer, the ideal is a decoleté shoe.

High heels shoes

For hot summer evenings, if you opt for an aggressive and sexy look, choose a black satin or leatherette mini skirt, perhaps with some light points; for shoes, you can combine different types. First of all, the heel must be strictly high; if you choose a very minimal open sandal with thin straps, the heel must be stiletto without a platform; if you choose a decoleté, you can opt for a pointed heel, but wide and a 2 or 3 cm platform. If, on the other hand, you prefer a simple and inconspicuous evening look, suitable for a dinner or a movie at the cinema, you can still opt for a short denim skirt with flounces and combine it with a white and hazelnut perforated ankle boot.

Midi skirt

Another type of skirt, which many women often wear, is the longest one. This skirt is very ladylike and extremely chic. It has to be worn sensibly and not all women can do it. This skirt is perfect if worn during an important and also very demanding party. It goes very well with a pair of boots, especially in winter, like the 60-70s style. It is very good to combine it with a pair of sandals, strictly high. Alternatively, for those who do not like boots or shoes that are too high, you have the possibility to insert a nice medium heel under the shoe.
The shoe and the skirt are elements of women’s clothing, which must be chosen with extreme care and without leaving anything to chance.

Matching shoes precisely with a particular type of skirt is something that should never be underestimated and must be done, with extreme attention, even to details.

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