What to wear to a graduation?

what to wear to a graduation

Graduation is certainly one of the most rewarding moments in life and therefore deserves to be celebrated. For this reason, on the occasion of the event, interested parties organize parties by inviting friends and relatives. If you are one of these people too, it is important to know what to wear to not look bad. Among other things, clothing must be impeccable and suitable for the type of degree obtained. About this, here is a list of What to wear to a graduation party.

What to wear to a graduation?

what to wear to a graduation

To introduce yourself to a graduation party following the invitation received from the person who achieved it, you can opt for a dark suit, especially if the period is winter. A suit of the same type is broken and with a pastel color tone. It is ideal in both spring and summer. However, in this case, the look must in certain sense respect the personality of the birthday boy, and above all it must be adapted to the indications provided in the invitation, especially if the event takes place in a luxurious context.

Choose a broken dress

If you are a young girl, you can choose a broken dress consisting of classic trousers or a short skirt, both to be combined with a blouse, especially if it is summer. In the latter case, bright colors such as red, yellow or orange are more than appropriate to show up at a graduation party.

Opt for a midi skirt

However, if you prefer only the skirt, you can opt for the so-called longuette, which can be seen from the name itself, bans short models. In this case, you can combine a high-heeled shoe and a black bag with this type of clothing. However, it is important to underline that the aforementioned longuette can be of various pastel shades or accompanied by floral prints if the period is summer.

Go for an elegant dress

When you are invited to a graduation party, the look must be appropriate to the style set, therefore to the degree of formality that can change according to the sex of the birthday boy but also the faculty attended. Suppose it is a medical or law degree. In that case, you can focus on an elegant dress with decidedly dark colors that are good for any context and location that has all the appearance of a grand gala, where perhaps even illustrious and already participating established doctors and lawyers.

Choose a blue dress

Another aspect that should not be underestimated when receiving an invitation to a graduation party, especially if from a woman, is to try not to steal the show. For this reason, the advice is to dress elegantly anyway and avoid miniskirts and too flashy make-up. It is also best not to wear leather items that could make you look vulgar. A simple dress in light colors such as blue or pink with black shoes and a bag of the same color is ideal for making a good impression.

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