How to Measure a Bike

measure a bike

When riding a bike, a properly sized bike is essential to your comfort and safety riding.

A poorly sized frame whether it is too big or too small can be uncomfortable and make handling and controlling the bike dangerously.

Difficult knowing your inseam in total reach measurements and comparing these to the bike’s frame size will ensure that you are riding a road bike that fits your body.


Now before we get started, you’ll need a long carpenter’s level a cylindrical object like a pipe, or in this case, a seat post and a measuring tape a short stool is also helpful like the one Noah is sitting on here.

We recommend measuring three times each to ensure accuracy.

Finally, and this is a very important note please ask a friend to assist you when you take each of the eight measurements we require because it’s impossible to do alone. Any kind of bike you ride like BMX bikes for adults tools are the same to need.

Measure the Inseam

Now let’s get going to measure your inseam stand with your feet approximately eight inches apart and straddle the level.

you’ll need to pull the level into your sit bones to mimic the pressure you experienced when you’re sitting on your bike seat get it level and then have your friend measure the distance from the top of the level to the ground.

Measure the trunk

To measure your trunk, sit on a stool with your back straight and your pelvis hard against the wall.

Place the level on top of your AC joint which is the bony bump on top of your shoulder and measure from the bottom of the level to the top of the stool.

It’s a good idea to measure both sides of your body and average the measurements moving on to the forearm measurement.

Hold the cylindrical object in your fist lower your arm to your side bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle.

So that your forearm is ahead of you keep the object in your hand perpendicular to your forearm and measure from the center of the object which should fall in line with your knuckles to the boning protrusion at your elbow pivot.

Measure the Arm Length

Now the arm can be a tricky one because it’s tough to find the correct pivot point on your shoulder.

Remember your AC joint from the trunk measurement before well the measuring point for your arm is just below and behind your AC joint try not to allow your shoulder to come forward from the wall.

Make sure that the object in your hand is perpendicular to your arm then measure from the center of the cylinder back to the pivot point and put the average for both arms in the box.

Moving on down to the thigh sit on a stool again making sure your back is straight and your pelvis is once again hard against the wall.

Then ensure that your femur that your thigh bone is parallel to the ground in your tibia is perpendicular to the ground.

Place the level across the front of both of your kneecaps then measure from the inside face of the level to the wall like the arm and forearm.

Just three more to go so let’s hit the lower leg you should remain seated for this one then places the level across the top edge of your kneecaps.

Where they connect to the bottom of your inner quadriceps muscles and then measure from the bottom of the level to the ground now stand back up against the wall and let’s measure your sternal notch.

Again, make sure your feet are approximately eight inches apart and then feel around for the sternal notch in your neck it’s the bony v immediately beneath your Adam’s apple.

Once you find it measures the distance from the apex of that notch all the way down to the floor.

Lastly, let’s take a measurement of your total body height remains standing against the wall and set the level on top of your head.

Once it’s leveled out measure from the bottom of it to the floor as you can see this one would be

really hard without a little bit of help.

There we’re all done you should be looking at the outputs now in a couple of different fit styles depending on your discipline Road mountain or trails.


Here in this article, we have discussed almost all bike measuring guidelines. There are three things you should aware of when measuring a bike that is inseam, trunk and, arm length.

If you’re looking for more helpful hints tips and advice there are loads more information on OutdoorXsports calms and don’t forget to like and share this article.

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