How to wear a floral midi skirt

how to wear a floral midi skirt

During the summer, dresses with floral elements are mainly used to make them look more jaunty and lively, suitable for the warmer season. The bright colors and cheerful patterns, combined with light and fluttering garments, are undoubtedly a must in every woman’s summer wardrobe. A piece of clothing that is very fashionable in recent times is the floral skirt, which adapts to many different looks: it can be long, short, tight or fluttering. Here is a matching skirt that features floral motifs.

How to wear a floral midi skirt?

How to wear a floral midi skirt

The shoes you can combine with a floral skirt can be of various types depending on the style of the look you want to create. If you wear a short enough one and want to enhance your legs, you should wear shoes with a little heel: adapt the height to the occasion, choosing a slightly accentuated heel for the day or something higher for the evening. You can choose the color you prefer, but remember that a pair of black shoes go well with a floral skirt in red or pink, or any other color. If you prefer to be comfortable, you can choose ballet flats: if the skirt is very colorful, prefer a neutral color such as beige or black, or play with colors creating some contrast if you want to create a truly sporty look.

Pay special attention to the choice of the belt

In case you want to enhance your waist, use a wide belt, perhaps one with some small decoration or ornament. Generally choose a plain colored belt, preferably white or black. If the floral motifs present in your skirt are pink or ocher, you can also opt for a brown or orange belt, which recalls the color of your skirt by contrast. If the skirt is very colorful, avoid the patterned belts, as they will excessively weigh down your look.

A floral skirt in the summer usually goes with a shirt, t-shirt or tank top. It is advisable to combine the floral skirt with a garment with a solid color background. This can be chosen based on the color that prevails on the skirt: if the flowers are redder, a red sweater is recommended, if the flowers are on blue it is recommended a blue shirt and so on, socks are generally always recommended sheer, as they are more delicate.

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