5 Common Mistakes That College Students Make

College comes with many opportunities to learn and to prepare for one’s career. It also provides opportunities to make serious mistakes. Generations of students have made the same mistakes over and over. There are too many to list in one article, but here are five of them that can affect your grades and limit how much you can get out of the college experience.

Expecting Someone to Provide Reminders

In college, nobody is going to remind you to do your homework or study for a test. It’s up to you to track your progress in a course. If you are familiar with the syllabus and complete the work assigned, you should be on track. All due dates are listed ahead of time. With just a little responsibility, you can stay focused on getting everything in on time.

Don’t Proofread Papers

Writing a paper doesn’t just involve research and writing. College professors, even those at Fresno State University, spend more time than necessary correcting punctuation, grammar, and run-on sentences. College students are expected to write well. Many do, but there are others who don’t or don’t put time and effort into reviewing the materials they submit.

Spending too Much Time Online

The Internet is a universe of information, but college offers a chance to learn and socialize. You don’t press click here to learn everything in life. Spending too many hours on the Web and social media takes away from studying and having face-to-face discussions with peers. Block time each day when you are not online, and you can see the kind of college experience you can really have.


College is not about waiting until the last minute and studying all night before a test. If you do it right, it doesn’t have to be that way. Procrastination is one of the biggest common mistakes in college. It can be avoided with time management and planning. Keep a schedule and start on papers well in advance of their due date, or study a little each day without cramming it all in the night before a test.

Cutting Classes

Students love to make the most of their freedom, but too much of a good thing can hurt them. There’s lots of room for personal freedom. Cutting classes doesn’t make any more room, and certainly doesn’t help your chances of success. Remember that each lecture is part of your tuition and a significant part of the course content. How free do you feel if you don’t get the most out of your college experience?

Many people make mistakes in college. Anyone can learn from their mistakes. By being focused and careful, you can avoid making mistakes that can limit your ability to succeed in college.

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