Best tips on how to look taller

how to look taller

We already know that there is nothing like a good pair of heels to climb a few centimeters, but there are more techniques, not so uncomfortable and more versatile, with which you will appear visually taller and slender. We share some tips on how to look taller. Accessories, clothes, haircuts … there are a thousand and one options to lengthen and stylize your figure. Avoid overcovering the upper part of your body, opt for somewhat low-cut or open garments, as well as avoid using too many layers of clothing, and of course, flee the mixture of many colors in your outfit, the less the better. In this case, always less is more.

Best tips on how to look taller

Bob cuthow to look taller

A short half mane will make you look taller by clearing the shoulder and collarbone. If you are a fan of mane and do not dare with the bob, opt for a long bob, somewhat longer, at shoulder height.


The high bun will always visually lengthen your figure. If you have long hair this hairstyle is yours. Become the top knot with all your hair, or if you prefer, with a section of it, leaving the rest of the hair loose.

V necklinehow to look taller

The clear neck and the collarbone insight will always make you look taller.

Goodbye oversize

Bet on the fall in the garments and those that fit your body. In this case, the oversized trend is not the most appropriate.

Single colorhow to look taller

If you wear garments of the same color or similar shades you will look much taller and more stylized, especially with dark colors such as black or dark navy blue.

Vertical stripeshow to look taller

It is a classic when it comes to lengthening the body, but always vertical, never horizontal, you will cause just the opposite effect. In addition, stripes are the latest in Street Style.

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Openings and asymmetries

The openings and asymmetries in the legs will stylize your figure and get an optical effect to make you look taller.

Do not abuse the prints

Avoid prints, opt for the smallest and most discreet instead of the largest and most colorful.

Below the waist

Try to get your clothes down a little more at the waist, you will lengthen your figure.

Carve high

Wear high-waisted garments to mark the waist and lengthen your legs. Runaway from the low-rise pants, they will shorten your legs.

Marking waist

Use belts to mark your waist. Opt for those with an intermediate-fine size and run away from the XXL, they will shorten your figure.

Up to the ankles

Avoid capri pants, as they will visually shorten your leg. Ideally, you stay just by the ankle or even lower.

Bell pants

Whoever said they were only for tall girls was very wrong, since whenever you combine it with a medium-high heel it will create an effect of kilometric legs.

Pant and shoes same color

Try to combine the color of the pants with that of the shoes, it will create a block effect and therefore lengthen your legs.


Take your legs for a walk. Opt for mini dresses or skirts, you will lengthen your legs a few centimeters.


Betting on the mini does not mean that you do not sign up for skirts or dresses XL, but always high-waisted, marking the waist.

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