Love at first sight: everything you need to know about love at first sight

Love at first sight: everything you need to know about love at first sight

The love, at first sight, is that something that for many people lies between myth and reality. But for some years several scholars have revealed that love, at first sight, exists for everyone: we just need to know how to recognize it and understand how to behave!

Kylie Minogue sang in Love at First Sight: “Because of darling, when I first heard you. I knew we were meant to be one .” And so it is: love, at first sight, comes without warning and there is nothing that can be done about it. From the first moment, we see that person. We perceive a sense of mutual belonging. It is much more than a simple “crush” and involves not only the sexual sphere but also the emotional one.

If the most sensitive to this “shock” seem to be men, given that at least 1 in 4 claims to have tried it once in their life, even women are not indifferent. But it is necessary to understand the ” symptoms ” of love at first sight. And how to act in this situation.

If, on the other hand, you have known a person for some time. And want to understand if you are really in love, this video is for you: discover the 5 signs of the beginning of love and whether it will last forever!

What is love at first sight?Love at first sight: everything you need to know about love at first sight

To live a real love, at first sight, consists in experiencing a deep and strong attraction. Not only physical but also mental towards another person. According to the study by Stephanie Ortigue of the University of Syracuse, this process takes very little time, less than 0.2 hundredths of a second, more or less equal, to a blink of an eye. During this almost imperceptible moment, chemical processes are activated which involve substances such as dopamine, alias the pleasure and reward hormone, oxytocin, or that of love, and adrenaline that give us that feeling of well – being and unmistakable happiness: that’s why we perceive the so-called ” butterflies in the stomach “! Keep Reading code geass season 3

Moreover, the study conducted by Stephanie Cacioppo of the University of Chicago emphasizes that the means of “communication” of love, at first sight, is the gaze: everything starts from the eyes, the image is transmitted to the brain and only at the end does the sensation arrive to the heart. It seems incredible, but it is the brain that falls in love first! If then that will be the partner of ” forever ” that we are looking for. We will discover it only in time: there is no that great mystery that is love!

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How do you recognize it?

How many times have we heard about love symptoms? Even for the lightning strike, there are very precise signs that make us understand that. We are in the grip of that phase at the crossroads between infatuation, physical attraction and falling in love. The most frequent are:

-When you see it, it’s like your heart loses a beat
-Your breath gets stuck
-Your hands become cold and tremble
-Keep thinking that, as if the world mattered only to him-Feel the famous butterflies in the stomach
-You are euphoric all the time
-You would listen to it for hours, even if you really don’t hear half of the things it tells you
-You want to scream to the whole world that you like to go crazy

Have you been electrocuted? Here’s how to behave!Love at first sight: everything you need to know about love at first sight

We said it, one of the signs of love, at first sight, is to stay still, awkward, almost paralyzed by the myriad of emotions and sensations we are feeling at that moment. In reality, there are some simple moves that can get us out of this “deadlock” situation:

1. Don’t be so impassive: you need to know if love, at first sight, is mutual. So try to show off your best smile and make the attention remains on you.
2. Dare: do not measure every single word and every single gesture, in short, do not be afraid. Reveal yourself in all your facets!
3. Maintain eye contact: just like love at first sight, dangling eyes. As well as the first stages of falling in love. Your eyes reveal much more than you can imagine.
4. Start with a handshake: the first form of physical contact with the other person could be just that. It is ideal to start establishing an intimacy situation.

Infatuation or love?

Even if the symptoms are unmistakable, there is a difference between love at first sight and love itself. Of course, love, at first sight, is not limited to pure chemical and sexual attraction but can be considered as the beginning of falling in love, which can become a stronger feeling and last for life only if cultivated with care and dedication by part of the two partners.

Loving, in fact, implies loyalty. empathy, frankness, sharing and other qualities that can only be established in a relationship that matures day by day. If you have lived a love at first sight, don’t let it escape: it is a magical and rare moment, which is on the wishlist, or on the wish list of many women, and is a real gift of destiny. Try to live it to the fullest and, who knows, it may not become an authentic story of eternal love … because, on the other hand, all you need is love!

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