Disney themed wedding

Disney themed wedding

If both you and your partner are fans of Disney movies, you can take advantage of your wedding day to recreate the great moments of your movies. We share about Disney themed wedding for you.

More and more couples decide to flee from traditionalism and make their wedding a reality show inspired by movies, stories or fantasy worlds. The truth is that the dream of many girls since childhood is to recreate those beautiful love stories. And celebrations with which they have grown, as can be Disney.

For this reason, Today in Bekia we want to talk to you and give you some tips on how to carry out a Disney-inspired themed wedding. We will review the most important points, from the invitations and the pre-wedding photographs that are so much the order of the day, such as the details that should not be missing in the celebration, through many other options.

The Disney themed wedding

Pre-wedding invitations and photographsDisney themed wedding

The election of the invitations, as well as the role that we are going to give to our photos, is one of the most important choices, much more if we are going to carry out a Disney-inspired themed wedding. For this, we will have to choose the movie or the character that we like the most and try to transfer everything that transmits us to our invitations. We can opt for something more traditional such as cards in illustrated envelopes or for a more elaborate option such as shells carved with the names of the bride and groom, if we like The Little Mermaid, or present in an original way a rose if ours is the story of Beauty and the Beast.

As we all know, each Disney story has a couple and a characteristic air that is what we have to look at when conducting a thematic wedding. If you are not sure what story you want for the most beautiful day of your lives. You can always make a great mix of all Disney stories.

As we have done with the invitations we can also do it with the pre-wedding photos that are now so much style. We can inspire these in one of the great stories of Disney or make a mix of several.

The time to choose the type of ceremonyDisney themed wedding

Without a doubt, the ideal type of ceremony if you want your wedding to be completely a Disney story, is the civil wedding. In this way, you can customize every detail, from the decoration of the site to the furniture that will be used in your theme wedding. In addition, you can also resort to other resources such as light decorations. Confetti during the celebration, music was totally chosen by the couple and even the use of fireworks. Disney themed wedding is one of the best themes for weddings.

If on the contrary, you want a religious wedding, you can choose to personalize the music that sounds at the arrival of the bride and at the important moments of the ceremony. The flowers that will be put on the benches and even the type of mass.

The banquet and party in the purest Disney styleDisney themed wedding

Both the banquet and the party are the moments when you can take the most advantage to make your true themed wedding. It is important that, above all, you are comfortable on this beautiful and special day for couples. You must make your wedding something that represents you. And something that you like to remember throughout life as the best moment in the world.
In this way, in the banquet, you can resort to the assignment of each table of the name of a Disney movie. If you do not want to focus on one. Or give it characteristic names of a particular movie if you are very fans of one in particular.

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More and more weddings in which we find our site accompanied by detail. Whether it is the same for everyone, that personalized for each attendee. Celebrating a Disney themed wedding gives us the opportunity to present with many details of the most original. Such as an enchanted rose if we celebrate a wedding inspired by Beauty and the Beast. We can also place in each chair a personalized cloth bag with iconic Disney moments in which we include things for the party, hangover kits the next day, make up for retouching … All this will depend on the budget we have for it. After the banquet, the bridal dance will take place. The ideal time to recreate some of the most romantic moments of Disney movies.

And with all this, comes the party itself, the moment where to give free rein to all those ideas that go through our heads. You can opt for food carts or sweets inspired by Disney movies. Choose a good musical repertoire where the most iconic Disney themes are not missing, a personalized photocall. Or even a photo booth service with objects that your guests can use to make funny photos.

Without a doubt, there are many ideas that can help you when organizing a Disney-inspired themed wedding. Everything will depend on what you really want and, of course, on the budget, you have for it.

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