How to choose boxing gloves

How to choose boxing gloves

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If you are not sure which are the appropriate Boxing Gloves for you, pay attention, because in this post we tell you everything you need to get the right choice and how to choose boxing gloves.

It may seem like a simple decision, but there are several factors to consider in order to make a good purchase and surely after reading this article you will be clear about exactly what you need.

How to choose boxing gloves

➤ What Boxing Gloves to Buy?

Choosing the right boxing gloves is important, as their function is to protect us from both our own and the opponent’s injuries. Let’s see then all the aspects that how to choose boxing gloves and in which it affects each one of them:

▷ Glove size

Boxing gloves, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing are carved by weight and is one of the most important factors to choose from since it determines the protection they provide and therefore the use they are intended for. Being something so important, it is worth knowing how they are carved:

✓ What are the OZs in boxing gloves?

The ounce (oz) is the unit of measure used to indicate the weight of the glove, equivalent to 28.35 grams. The increase in weight means an increase in the padding and protection of the user and the rival or partner. Depending on their weight we can find them from 4 to 20 Ounces, always in even numbers.

✓ How to know the size of Boxing Gloves?

Although the weight of the user influences the size, the main factor that determines it is the use that we are going to give it. So we will see which sizes are appropriate for each use and in which cases the user’s weight is involved.

▷ Types of Gloves According to UseHow to choose boxing gloves

Next, we will see the different types that there are according to the use and the habitual ounces of each one, as well as the special cases:

✓ Children’s Boxing GlovesHow to choose boxing gloves

The lighter, 4 and 6 Ounces, and with less protection are indicated to initiate children in boxing.

✓ For Competition

For both professional and amateur competition, the most used are those of 10 Oz, although 8 Oz gloves can be seen in professionals with lower weights than the Welter.

✓ For Hard Workouts

As for those of 12 Oz they are not widely used since they do not offer enough protection for safe training. They can be used for hard training or by women of low weight to train.

✓ Training or Sparring gloves

The 14 Oz gloves are the most common for all types of daily workouts, both for sack and sparring. Its greater weight is ideal to increase the strength of the arms and improve speed. Its padding is enough to train safely, except in shrouds that exceed 80 kilos, which should train with 16 Oz.

✓ For Specific Training

The gloves of 18 and 20 ounces are unusual and are used by users who exceed 95 kilos or for specific training in which more weight than normal is needed.

✓ Sack gloves or Guantillas

The gauntlets are only for training with a jacket, they are not valid for sparring or combat, and are carved by size instead of by weight in ounces.

▷ Types of Gloves According to MaterialHow to choose boxing gloves

The materials used for manufacturing can be grouped into two types: natural and synthetic. The natives can be found from different animals of origin and among the synthetics we can find PVC, vinyl, and leatherette.

✓ Made of PVC or Vinyl:

The most economical on the market are made of vinyl or Pvc, so its quality is quite low. They are not recommended even for beginners, because of their low resistance and is harder. Its poor quality and the greater risk of causing damage makes them even banned in some gyms.

✓ Made of leatherette

One of the materials most used by beginners and fans is leatherette. Within those made of synthetic leather, we can find very different qualities, both in the material used and in the quilting and manufacturing. There are models with very cheap prices of quality similar to those of Pvc or vinyl and also models with prices similar to those of leather with very good quality and even used in competition.

Advantages Synthetic Leather

Lower prices

Variety of ranges

More comfortable than skin (high-end ones)

Disadvantages of Synthetic Leather

Less performance and shock resistance than the skin.

✓ Leather Boxing Gloves

As in leatherette, there are different qualities that vary greatly in price and performance. The most expensive and highest quality are made of cowhide but also the buffalo and the goat are used.

Skin Pros

Variety of qualities and prices

Better performance and shock resistance.

Cons of the Skin

Higher prices

They are harder than leathers.

▷ Boxing Gloves According to Closure

The type of closure is another important aspect when choosing boxing gloves, being able to choose between Velcro or ropes.

✓ Velcro closure

The fixed velcro closure is the most used for training gloves and they stand out for:

Velcro Advantages

Very practical, easy to put on and take off quickly.

Good grip

Velcro Disadvantages

Not valid for competition.

It wears out over time

Bandages can be hooked.

✓ String Closure

The closure of ropes is mandatory in competition gloves and are characterized by:

Advantages Closure Cords

It is the one that best fits the hand.

No adjustment is lost over time.

Disadvantages Strings

It is slower and you need help adjusting them.

▷ Other Aspects to Choose Rightly

In addition to all these aspects, there are others that we must also consider when purchasing our gloves. Each one contributes to a lesser or greater extent that we feel more comfortable and satisfied with our choice.

✓ Glove Format

Depending on the form you can choose those that force you to close your hand or those that keep it semi-open, with which you will have to close your fist for yourself before hitting.

✓ Fill Quality

The quality of the padding is also of great importance since it is the area that supports the impacts and directly influences the level of protection. Good quality gloves incorporate high-density foams, which do not give way to use, and there are even brands that overlap a gel layer.

✓ Type of seams

The seams of the gloves are subjected to great efforts, to achieve greater resistance there are gloves with double stitching.

✓ Best Boxing Brands

The brand is important when choosing our gloves because each manufacturer makes them differently. Therefore, the distribution of the weight, as well as the protection they provide, can vary significantly, as with the quality of the materials used.

There are a variety of brands around the world, but the most recognized and popular among the fighters and fans are :

Venum: Specialized brand in MMA with ranges of different qualities and prices that can be a good option to start.

Everlast: The mythical and well-known brand with products at quite affordable prices and good value for money.

Leone: Brand with recognized international prestige that has products at various qualities and prices.

Rude Boys: Gloves for all levels with an excellent quality-price.

Grant: They are of excellent quality and provide very good protection, especially in the area of ​​the dolls, so they are ideal for defensive boxers.

Cleto Reyes: High-quality gloves designed to fight, so its use in training is not highly recommended.

Benlee: One of the most traditional brands that offer very good practice gloves, for excellent protection at a reasonable price.

Charlie: It is one of the best brands of gloves and the favorites of many advanced boxers for its high quality.

✓ Aesthetics

It is not really an important factor, but there are a lot of models and colors available on the market so you can choose one of your likings.

We can also find special designs for women, which in addition to female aesthetics, have a narrower fit. Leone, Century, Everlast, Cleto Reyes, Adidas, are some of the brands that offer a variety of models of women’s boxing gloves.

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