How to cut your hair at home: basic tips according to experts and easy techniques

How to cut your hair at home

We continue to be confined for at least another two weeks and our hair begins to notice the passage of time. So, after seeing the basic tips (and guide for beginners) to dye and touch up our color or cut our bangs, today we want to give you some guidelines on how to cut your hair at home.

First of all, we must remember that it is not highly recommended that we experience this way. Most of us can wait another fifteen days (or a month) to cut our hair. And that it is the hairdressers and stylists, specialists in the field who give us solutions to our hair problems.

If despite what the experts recommend, we are willing to touch up our haircuts. We can always bet on any of these techniques.

How to cut your hair at home

Cut hair with long layersHow to cut your hair at home

As many of us are quarantining alone at home, we will have to resort to techniques in which we can cut our hair ourselves, which is even more complicated.

One of the techniques that we can find to cut our hair in layers is to make wet hair a very neat and polished ponytail on the forehead. Yes, putting all the hair upside down. We do a ponytail in the center of the forehead to go to cut.

Once we decide where we want to cut, about a couple of centimeters higher, we make another pigtail. Then we mark with our fingers and cut straight (be careful not to cut too much, it is better to check). Then we blunt a little so that no cuts are seen.

To make another layer, we do the same but creating another ponytail on the forehead with half of the hair (creating a line below the ears), we put another rubber on top of where we want to cut, mark with the fingers, cut and we stand out.

With this, we would have enough and a cut with which we could endure another season without going to the hairdresser. First of all, be careful with the amount of hair you cut that, despite the fact that the hair grows. If we then need a proper arrangement, we must make it easy for the hairdresser.

Cut the hair straightHow to cut your hair at home

Getting a straight cut by yourself is going to be a bit more complicated. Still, we can do it in various ways such as starting from a low ponytail, marking and cutting. So that the hair will be slightly rounded behind, but straight ahead.

We can also do it with a less rounded result, making a ponytail just below the chin, joining the hair from behind and cutting.

Of course, if we want the cut to be completely straight,  we will cut it by making guides with our fingers on the front, taking into account that it will be necessary to cut slightly diagonally, so that it is slightly shorter on the outside, relative to the front part.

In any case, you can always make layers for yourself to touch up a little.

How to parade the hair

To parade the hair from the front and create is a movement that we like so much, we will make an already in the middle and we will create a small triangle as if we were going to cut our bangs but we will cut below the chin.

From there we will add small sections of hair that we will parade with the scissors diagonally. And making small cutting movements, more sliding it than anything else. And so, we continue adding strands to more or less half of the head, giving movement.

In any case, we continue to recommend waiting a bit to go to the hairdresser. But if you feel the need and have the skill. It is your time to take out the hairdresser that you carry inside.

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