How to remove mascara from clothes

How to remove mascara from clothes

If you have stained your favorite mascara garment due to haste or carelessness, relax! We have the solution. No matter how careful we are in our makeup, it is quite common to end the day with stains on clothes due to constant rubbing against the skin. But what if the dirt is not from makeup but from a mascara smear?

In this article we are going to tell you how to remove mascara from clothes without damaging fabrics. For this, we will give you different techniques to do it and some useful tips to remove stains caused by other makeup products. Go for it!

How to remove mascara stains from clothesHow to remove mascara from clothes

Contrary to other makeup stains, to remove a stain of mascara from clothes you should not remove the excess with a tissue or scratching with a spatula or similar utensils. If you want to remove your mascara stains effectively, we recommend using one of these techniques. Let’s do it!

Hydrogen peroxide

If you have masked some delicate fabric such as silk or wool, we recommend using this remedy to remove the stain without damaging the garment.

Dilute a little hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in water. Next, dip a swab or swab into this solution and apply it to the stain by gently rubbing. After this step, wash the garment by hand using a detergent or mild soap.

Liquid soap

To remove mascara stains, you need to moisten the stain before washing it, otherwise, you would spread the dirt even further. Moisten slightly with water and then apply a little liquid detergent to rub on the stain. You can help yourself with a little hot water; As you rub, you will notice how the stain disappears. If you want the result to be better, end the process by putting the garment in the washing machine.

How to remove mascara from white clothes

Removing a mascara stain is tricky, but if you want to remove this stain from a white garment, the task becomes even more complicated.

Our tip for removing mascara stains from white clothes is to apply a little bit of Marseille soap, in solid format, and gently rub with a toothbrush or nail brush. If necessary, you can machine wash after this process.

How to remove mascara from clothes without washing

What to do when the mascara stains are on a garment that you cannot wash because the fabric would be damaged? For these more difficult cases, we recommend these two methods, although in this article we opted for the second since it is more effective in removing stains that have already penetrated the tissue.

Adhesive tape: if you have smeared mascara on a fabric that is not suitable for the washing machine, we recommend trying the adhesive tape. It’s about sticking a piece of tape on the stain, pressing it to adhere well and pulling as if you were doing a waxing session on your clothes. You will have to repeat the operation focusing on small areas, as they cannot claim to remove the stain with a single jerk.

  • Dry cleaning kit: dry cleaning kits are the best solution if you have stained a garment with a delicate fabric.
  • If you wonder how a dry cleaning kit is used, you should know that it is very simple. Follow these steps:
  • Apply the stain remover product included in your kit to the mascara stain.
  • Then put the garment in the dry cleaning bag next to the sheet of cleaning paper that comes in the kit. The purpose of this sheet is to release odor and moisture so that your garment smells like it has just been washed.
  • Enter in the dryer on a gentle program with low temperature.
  • Once finished, lay the garment (you can do it on a hanger to avoid wrinkles) so that the washing process ends and the humidity acts to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Not clear and want more detailed instructions? In that case, take a look at this other article on How to dry clean at home.

How to remove other makeup stainsHow to remove mascara from clothes

It is quite common to find makeup stains on clothing, especially on the collars of shirts due to permanent contact with the area. You do not have to have stained while putting on makeup, in fact, one of the most common stains is the one that occurs when we take off our clothes over our heads. If you have any makeup stains, be it lipstick, nail polish or eyeshadow, here are some tips to remove the most difficult stains :

Lipstick stains

Butter: Add a little butter on the lipstick stain until it is covered. Remove the excess with a spatula or a knife and wash the garment in the washing machine as you normally would. If at the end of the wash you discover that there is any residue, gently rub the stain with a cloth moistened with alcohol, as this will make possible dirt remains completely removed.

Lacquer: spray hairspray on the lipstick stain, then put in the washing machine at the appropriate program and temperature for the type of fabric.

Talcum powder: a great ally to remove stains from greasy products such as makeup or lipstick, as they absorb oils and prevent stains from penetrating the tissue. Apply talcum powder on the stain and let it act. Then put it in the washing machine.

Basic makeup on clothing

Baking soda and vinegar: if you have stained your favorite makeup shirt, do not put the garment directly in the washing machine, since what you will get is to spread the stain. Follow this advice and prepare a solution with half a tablespoon of boiling water and half a tablespoon of vinegar in which you will dilute 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Apply this remedy on the stain and let it act for about 30 minutes. Next, apply talcum powder to dry the stain. To remove the resulting paste, rub with a soft-bristled brush.

Other widely used home remedies include applying products such as bread crumbs or shaving foam to the makeup stain and then putting it in the washing machine.

Nail polish

Acetone: if by painting your nails you have stained your clothes, don’t worry, it has an easy solution. If the stain is recent and has not yet dried, remove the excess product with a make-up remover. If the enamel has already dried, gently scrape with a knife or spatula to remove excess product. Place a cloth under the garment, so that the rest is not soaked, and rub with cotton wool soaked in acetone. If you’re not sure if the fabric can hold, try a small area like your fist first. After rubbing with acetone, wash the garment in the washing machine. If necessary, repeat the process.


Liquid soap: eye shadow stains on clothing are not difficult to remove, as they are products that have an easy to remove powder format. The problem comes when it comes to heavily pigmented shadows. For this, the most effective and simplest solution is to apply liquid soap directly to the stain and rub. Another solution is to apply Marseille soap in solid format and rub with a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush.

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